Amana AFD2535DEW French Door Refrigerator Review

24.8 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

OVERVIEW:  The Amana AFD2535DEW French Door Refrigerator was recently rated a Consumer Reports best buy.  We loved the look and features of this particular model. The refrigerator effectively maintained temperature and the features were top notch for the price range.  The only three complaints we found were that it was a bit noisy, the handles were made of plastic which we felt deterred from the overall look and feel, and that the ice maker worked a bit slower than desired.    

Amana AFD2535DEW French Door RefrigeratorThis sleek white fridge will add beauty to any home.
  • STYLE:  We're huge fans of the French Door style refrigerators and this model from Amana almost delivers a perfect score.  The only thing we were surprised by was the fact that Amana used plastic handles on the doors.  Considering the price range we felt this gave the AFD2535DEW a somewhat cheaper look than is warranted.

  • CAPACITY: This Amana Fridge Freezer has a 24.8 cubic foot interior which was ample, but about 2 cubic feet smaller than many other french door refrigerators.   The refrigerator has an expansive 12.2 cubic feet of usable space which may not seem like all that much, but because of the split shelving and gallon storage in the doors, it's a perfect amount of space for a typical four person family.  The freezer drawer has 5.3 cubic feet and because of its smart design, the drawer feels much larger than it is.

  • NOTABLE FEATURES:  The half/split shelving is something we loved. This allows you to lift part of the shelf out of the way to accommodate larger food items.  The touch pad controls were especially nice as well.

  • COLORS:  This model comes in white on white (Model #AFD2535DEW) and black on black (Model # AFD2535DEB) and bisque (Model # AFD2535DEQ)

  • EFFICIENCY: It’s ENERGY STAR qualified, which means it runs on a minimum of 15% less energy than most refrigerators. (For more Energy Star Refrigerator Reviews, click here.)

  • DIMENSIONS: Its dimensions are: DEPTH – 34 in., WIDTH – 35 5/8 in., HEIGHT 69 7/8 in.

  • MSRP: $1,699.00 is what is Amana states it should sell for but at this point they are no longer selling this fridge as new because it's been discontinued.

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