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We've received a decent number of Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator reviews from customers that should help you in your refrigerator purchase. Overall there hasn't been a huge number of these reviews, although the same issues tend to be brought up again and again in the same categories.

  • Tip: Before reading the comments below, be aware that most people writing a refrigerator review tend to be rather unhappy with their purchase and desire to vent about it.

    Sadly, we rarely receive a positive reviews but that isn't to say these products aren't good. If someone is happy about their refrigerator they are more likely to not even think about it, let alone leave a comment on a website. (If you would like to change this, then scroll down and write a good refrigerator review!)

    Just something to keep in mind when reading these or any comments on fridges.

So either these Kenmore refrigerator reviews show that there are very few problems with these fridges or we just haven't heard from all that many people yet.

Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews Issues

Here's some of the comments we've heard in these reviews:

  1. Stopped Cooling:

    This was one of the more frequent comments we've heard. Typically the solution to the problem was to replace the compressor. The biggest stopping block for this was the cost (one person even told us it was a repair upwards of $600).

  2. Door Seals Tearing/Ripping:

    While we did hear this a bit more than other issues, it is truly an annoyance more than a difficult repair. The only thing that caught our eye was that it happened so early in the lifespan of the refrigerator (1.5 - 4 years).

  3. Sears Technician Was Unreliable:

    Sure this is attached to a Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator review but is something that should speak more to the reliability of Sears technicians than the appliance itself.

  4. Circuit Board Went Out:

    This repair can be a fairly costly one as well and is something we've heard from other brands as well.

  5. Light Stayed On With Refrigerator Door Closed:

    While this seems like a small nuisance it's actually quite serious. Not only will it keep your fridge from being able to cool properly, it can melt the plastic housing the light sits in, and in the end it can be a MAJOR FIRE HAZARD.

  6. Ice Gathering Around the Freezer Motor:

    The results to this ends up causing a very loud sound when the motor hits the ice. We were told that a hair dryer was used on a daily basis to prevent this. Not a serious issue but one that can be a big annoyance.

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What Others Have Said About Their Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigerators...

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(Please be aware the number of stars listed per review has to do with how helpful the review was for others not the quality of the fridge.)

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I purchased my Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator (model #795.7830)a little over a year ago and already the seals on the fridge doors are tearing …

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