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The Side by Side Models we Recommend

Sears has always made a good product and the Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator is no exception. There were quite a few models that fit our quality standards, but only a handful of those made our cut into the Top Four.

The Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerators are a great buy for the money and for the most part, are extremely durable. They will more than often stand up to everything your family can throw at them while simultaneously standing up to the test of time.

The Kenmore Brand is divided up into three sectors:

  1. 1. Kenmore - This is the most affordable of the Kenmore line of products. Still high quality, but these models may not have some of the fancy features you may be looking for.

  2. Kenmore Elite - The Kenmore Elite is one step up from the Kenmore brand. These higher end refrigerators cost a bit more but they have more styling and higher end features that you won't find on the Kenmore Side by Side models.

  3. Kenmore Pro - The Kenmore Pro is the Kenmore top of the line side by side fridges. These range between $2,500-$3,000 and have the high end features you would expect. There are only two (2) models in the Pro line only one of which made it into our top five below.

    Our Top Four Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerators

    Here are the top four Side by Side Refrigerator models that we recommend from Kenmore. Be sure to read the FULL REVIEWS:

    Kenmore 5687 Side by Side Refrigerator
    OVERVIEW: Similar models to the Kenmore 5687 Side by Side Refrigerator were quite noisy, so we were expecting the worst when we plugged this unit into the wall. But, we were happily surprised by it's quiet function. Aside from a small drip coming from the ice dispenser (which was condensation that eventually went away) the unit performed flawlessly. Read the Full Review.
    Rating: .5

    Kenmore 5533 Side by Side Refrigerator
    Kenmore 5533
    OVERVIEW: # As much as we loved the styling of this particular unit, one of the things that was the most surprising was the amount of noise that came out. We think it can be minimized, but we figure out how. It might very well have been this fridge as the store model was fine. The Fresh n' Clean fan feature was nice because it keeps the fridge smelling clean even when stuffed to the gills with food. Read the Full Review.
    Rating: .5

    Kenmore 5896 Side by Side Refrigerator
    Kenmore 5698
    OVERVIEW: # The Kenmore 5896 Side by Side Refrigerator is one our favorites in the Kenmore line. The styling might be lacking a bit, but the functionality and capacity were quite impressive for the price. If you have a growing family, this might be the perfect choice. Read the Full Review.
    Rating: .5

    Kenmore 5791 Side by Side Refrigerator
    Kenmore 5791 Side by Side Refrigerator
    OVERVIEW: The Kenmore 5791 Side by Side Refrigerator did an excellent job of maintaining temperature and running quietly. It has attractive styling and a highly durable door face. We didn't like the fact that there was no pull out shelving and the fact that the icemaker was extremely slow. But all in all this model was a good deal for the money. Read the Full Review.
    Rating: .5

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