Kenmore Elite Freezerless Refrigerator 25344723100

by Susan W.
(Ayer, MA)

I bought this all-fridge stainless refrigerator only four years ago. Thank God for the warranty is all I can say.

Within ONE year it needed a new compressor. Sears RELUCTANTLY agreed to provide a replacement fridge for the two weeks while a part was ordered.

It broke down again - I forget how.

Now, it's four years old and I've been without a fridge for three weeks, waiting for repair & parts. It needs another costly repair.

Ironically, the salesman warned us "The compressors are bad on these." We ignored him because we liked the look, AND we bought the warranty. Otherwise, we would have wasted $1000 on the fridge.

The lesson: don't buy Sears refrigerators;
listen to sales guys- they know!;
and buy the warranty.

My next fridge will be a Bosch or a SubZero so I don't have to deal with expensive repairs.

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Mar 25, 2023
Need replacement for twin set
by: Anonymous

Our twin set is 12 years old and now we have been without the fridge for almost 4 months. Have a Sears Warranty that was extended from the Master Protection Agreement.
After 5 service people coming and ordering parts and more parts, one said he fixed it! He welded, replaced and worked for hours. It worked for 8 hours and died again. Sears Home Warranty will not provide a 'stand in' while we are without the fridge once again. Called them back the next morning and they said it would be 5 more weeks until a tech could come and check on it.
Well, now we are looking to replace the entire unit, both pieces. Just like another poster, we would like to use that expensive trim kit....anyone found a replacement? Our opening is 66 x 75

Dec 03, 2022
Need new model to fit same size space
by: Anonymous

I cant say that we had the same problems mentioned here- Ours has lasted a good 15+ years - but just now starting to have some problems trying to plan ahead for same size since it is built into the wall - anyone have any luck finding a good replacement?

Jan 13, 2020
Kenmore elite stand alone refrigerator and freezer
by: Anonymous

Did you find a replacement to fit wall space? I'm in the same situation and need to find one that fits.
Was the set you purchased in Aug 2019 new? Where did you find it?

Aug 26, 2019
Not happy NEW
by: Anonymous

First one didn't work and needed replacement. 2nd one was defective over time. Now I need to have it fixed again. Not cooling. Can't find a similar size to replace. Repairman coming this Thursday. Can't wait to see what he says

Aug 24, 2019
by: Anonymous


Jun 21, 2018
Replacement NEW
by: Anonymous

Did you ever find a replacement to fit this space? I'm dealing with the same thing.

May 13, 2017
Ready to Replace Model 25344723100
by: Anonymous

Do you know of any refrigerator that will fit in this space? I have the trim kit and want to use it as well.

Jan 03, 2015
i hear your pain
by: Anonymous

went through the same thing with the compressor>> was finally burning through the casing.. i loved it, and we also built our kitchen for it to fit. now cant find one to fit. but i miss the look in my kitchen

Jul 17, 2014
by: Anonymous


Jun 27, 2012
Wish I Bought Something Else
by: Kim

We were building our dream kitchen for our large family of 12 and thought the all refrigerator unit would work perfectly for us....we thought wrong! This unit barely holds the same amount from our old side by side AND the kicker is that it never gets that cold!! Our old fridge was at least 6 years old and didn't have the energy star ratings but it definitely used less than this one since this poor unit has to keep chugging just to stay at 50. It has had numerous problems with icing coils, non-working defrost relay switch,broken plastic parts inside including the entire shelf of the inner door panel, and now the kicker of a bum compressor. I regret the day I ever stopped to browse the appliances at Sears :(

Apr 14, 2012
Kenmore Elite is junk
by: Russ Buettner

Same here: Have had numerous failures: ice maker, damper, poor drain design, ice and water dispenser and now after 7 years, the compressor failed. I bought a Samsung. BYE BYE Kenmore

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