Sears Refrigerators

More Than Just Kenmore Refrigerators

When thinking of Sears Refrigerators most of us automatically think of Kenmore but you may be surprised to find that Sears carries many other brands.

The Sears appliance center specializes is all types of popular refrigerator brands, from Amana to Whirlpool. While Kenmore is still Sears' bread and butter brand, other brands have started to fill their show floor as well.

Sears Appliance Brands

Of course we'll start with Kenmore due to the fact that it is their in-house brand then we'll make sure we cover the 10 other brands of Sears refrigerators down below.

Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore refrigerators will always be known as “Sears refrigerators”. A natural, considering that Kenmore appliances can only be purchased at Sears or Kmart stores or online.

  • The styles of Kenmore refrigerators are:

    1. Kenmore French door bottom freezers
      Click here for Reviews

    2. Kenmore Bottom Freezer Refrigeraotrs
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    3. Kenmore Side by side Refrigerators
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    4. Kenmore Top freezers Refrigerators
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    5. Kenmore Freezerless Refrigerators

    6. Kenmore Compact Refrigerators

    7. Kenmore Upright Freezers

  • If you are looking for a basic color then you'll like that they come in black, white, off-white, metallic (faux stainless) and stainless steel.

  • All but a few of the Sears Kenmore refrigerators are Energy Star compliant which in this climate is something to seriously consider. Click here for more on Energy Star

  • Kenmore Sears refrigerators can be further broken down into 3 categories:

    1. Kenmore Refrigerators:

      This line is a very good an everyday, lower cost model with few bells and whistles but it should still last quite some time. There are fewer upscale models as well as specialty things in this line.

      If you prefer a French door version you may want to try one of the two other lines.

      Click here for Kenmore Refrigerator Reviews

    2. Kenmore Elite:

      This line tends to be more upscale with a sleeker upgraded look. The styles of Kenmore Elite Sears refrigerators are side by side, French door bottom freezer, freezerless, French door with two bottom freezer drawers (a.k.a. four door refrigerator), chest freezer, upright freezer (perfect for use with freezerless or by itself) and a wine cellar.

      These refrigerators will add beauty and even a bit of bling to any kitchen.

    3. Kenmore Pro:

      As the name indicates this line is made for a more professional type of look and use. The one model of Kenmore Pro Sears refrigerator we’ve found is all stainless steel with a large vent above it for proper ventilation.

If you would like to learn more about Kenmore Sears Refrigerators or see reviews of actual models then click here for more information.

The Other Brands of Sears Refrigerators

To our pleasant surprise, Sears carries a great deal of other refrigerators allowing for a very nice selection. We’ve listed the different brands of Sears Refrigerators below and each one is a link to more information about that brand the styles they make.

  1. Bosch Refrigerators
  2. The majority of the Bosch refrigerator line is for built in refrigerators with a few freestanding refrigerators that are all made with a cabinet depth to add to a kitchen’s sleekness. You’ll find both Bosch side by side refrigerator models as well as their French door bottom freezer refrigerator models

    Click here for Bosch Reviews

  3. Electrolux Refrigerators
  4. These models tend to be sleek and creating a very modern look and feel to any kitchen without making it feel cold. Sears carries the Electrolux French door refrigerators as well as the Electrolux side by side refrigerators for the standard fare.

    For something a bit more specialized they also carry the beverage centers, refrigerator drawers and separate ice makers.

  5. Frigidaire Refrigerators
  6. The specific types of Frigidaire refrigerators carried by Sears are:

    • Frigidaire Side by side refrigerator
    • Frigidaire Top freezer refrigerators
    • Frigidaire Freezerless (meaning all refrigerator)

    The price points of these refrigerators are very comfortable for the top freezers and close to double that price for the side by sides (but they are also a great deal larger inside as well).

    Click here for Frigidaire Refrigerator Reviews

  7. GE Refrigerators
  8. One of the better things about this line at Sears is that they carry pretty much every type (French door bottom freezer, side by side, single door bottom freezer and top freezers –and one compact refrigerator).

    The color ranges are white, bisque, black, metallic (meaning faux stainless) and stainless steel. As for the prices, they run from inexpensive to quite pricey, so our guess is GE will be the “Goldie Locks” brand for you and have a model that is just right.

    Click here for GE Refrigerator Reviews

  9. Jenn-Air Refrigerators
  10. If you are looking for luxury, then look no further as the Jenn-Air line carried as Sears covers every type of full size built in refrigerator (except top freezer) that you could imagine even under counter refrigerators, wine cellars, drawer refrigerators and ice machines.

    • Tip: One really neat thing about these refrigerators is that most of them can be customized by adding panels to make them look like they are part of your kitchen cabinetry.

    Click here for Jenn-Air Reviews

  11. KitchenAid Refrigerators
  12. Here you’ll be able to take care of your refrigerator needs at a bit of a lower cost than Jenn-Air without having to sacrifice the look. If you need a French door bottom freezer, side by side or a single door bottom freezer then take a look at this brand.

    We were also pretty surprised to find that many of the KitchenAid refrigerator models that Sears carries are also counter depth.

    Click here for KitchenAid Reviews

  13. LG Refrigerators
  14. This is a great brand to take a look at if you are looking for either a single or double door bottom freezer refrigerator as that’s pretty much the only styles of LG refrigerators that you’ll find at Sears.

    Though before buying one, we recommend you read a few of the reviews we received about them as some models can have problems.

    Click here for LG Reviews

  15. Maytag Refrigerators

  16. While the number of Maytag refrigerators at Sears may not be huge, the selection of styles, colors and price points make this brand one to look at for almost any need.

    Click here for Maytag Reviews

  17. Samsung Refrigerators
  18. This brand is one of the more popular brands currently on the market and at Sears you’ll find all of the three styles of refrigerators made by Samsung (they don’t make top freezer refrigerators).

    As for price they start at a bit of a higher price point, which is probably due to the lack of the top freezer refrigerators as well as the fact that most of them have quite a large capacity.

    Click here for Samsung Reviews

  19. Whirlpool Refrigerators
  20. We've recently found out that Whirlpool and Samung are truly tied for first place when it comes to brand popularity.

    One of the major differences between the two is that Whirlpool specializes in side by side and top freezer refrigerators. You will also find a few French door bottom freezer refrigerators at Sears if that’s what you are looking for.

    Click here for Whirlpool Reviews

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