My 23 Year Old Kenmore Was A Great Refrigerator

by Marilyn

My Kenmore refrigerator is 23 years old and just bit the dust. What more can you ask for?!?! It has been excellent.

I don't like the thought of having to purchase another one but I'm going to have to and more than likely another Kenmore. You just can't beat them -- or at least the ones they were building 23 years ago!!

On the same front, my Kenmore dryer is 27 years old and still going. I did have to replace my washer 7 years ago which would have made it 20 years old.

To my experience I would have to say that Kenmore just makes outstanding products.

I hope that I will be just as happy with my next Kenmore though I have heard that they now outsource a great deal of their refrigerators to companies like LG, Samsung and Whirlpool. This really doesn't make me feel as comfortable about my new purchase -- especially when I read current reviews about Kenmore.

Wish me luck.

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Comments for My 23 Year Old Kenmore Was A Great Refrigerator

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Feb 10, 2012
by: Roger

Not meaning to ruin your Kenmore party here, but you may soon find that appliances built today are not the same as appliances built 25 yrs ago.

That said, today's appliances use a fraction of the energy of the old appliances ... and usually provide better service than the older ones ... if you can keep them in working order.

Good luck with your search for a new fridge.

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Feb 09, 2012
Kenmore Appliances
by: Richard in Idaho

Pardon but Kenmore never made appliances. It is a brand name for Sears Branded products and Sears outsources and has always outsourced.

For many years they had a contract with Whirlpool and a few years they signed off on that one.

Now LG is a big supplier and it probably has to do with the bottom line. The current Kenmore Refrigerators are LG. Sears also carries the LG line too but I do not know why.

I bought my 31 cu ft LG from Sears in July and it has been totally awesome so far. Not a complaint.

None of the new crop of refrigerators will last much beyond 10 or 12 years if that. Many seem to die at 7 years because of the new refrigerant mandated by the U.S. Government. It puts more strain on the compressors and sometimes eats through the aluminum piping in the walls.

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