Kenmore Freezerless Fridge and Sears Warranty are Both Worthless!!

by Jeff
(Cranbrook, MI)

I've owned two Kenmore freezerless fridges c675-63702-oq (all fridge), because I really prefer a fridge without a freezer and wouldn't be without one.

I'm sad to say that the Kenmore product is not worth it. Our previous freezerless fridge was an Admiral and it lasted 20 plus years before the compressor had to be replaced. I got another one for my other place and its still running.

As for my Kenmore, I bought the first in 2003, compressor went twice, probably due to overheating as no condenser fan on this model. Since then have added this, which I used to get a deal on the second one. We replaced thermostat controller also.

I bought the new one in 2008 after they agreed to give me 300 dollars towards it, now this one has thermostat problems and is freezing food in the fridge.

I am going to look for alternate unit and better warranty even if I have to buy state side.

The Kenmore warranty isn't worth the paper its written on.

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