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If you're looking to either read or offer some Kenmore top freezer refrigerator reviews then you've come to the right place. This page is to be used as an open forum to discuss the good and bad about your Kenmore top freezer refrigerator.

There can be a huge number of reviews to read, to make things easier, we've compiled a list of the things Kenmore top freezer consumers have told us. Keep checking back with us as we will be updating this page as more comments come in.

  • TIP: Don't get worried at the fact that most of the comments below are about things that didn't work or broke.

    It's incredibly rare for someone to write about how much they LOVE their refrigerator. From our experience, not very often. (If you have a refrigerator you love, please post a comment about it. It would be greatly appreciated.)

Comments We've Gotten on Our Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

As we stated above, there really are people out there that LOVE their Kenmore top freezer refrigerators but they don't shout it from the roof tops. As such the list below is mostly the concerns to watch out for when buying a Kenmore top freezer refrigerator.

  • Freezer Warming Up/Compressor Failure

    The most common issue we heard was about the freezer warming up. Typically this can be from a compressor issue which we heard about as well.

  • Freon Leaks

    We also heard a bit about freon leaks but not as many as we've heard about from Kenmore Freezerless refrigerators.

  • Other Freezer Issues

    We really didn't hear much about the refrigerator portion of tis fridge instead the main focus was on the freezer. The things we've heard were the freezer icing up and needing to be manually defrosted, freezer door not closing properly, ice maker stopping and problems with a freezer gasket.

The only issue we really felt we heard a lot had to do with the freezer warming up and the compressor going bad after the warranty went out or it wasn't covered by the warranty even when it was still in effect.

That's just our take on what's below. Go ahead and take a look at the Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews listed at the bottom of the page to read what others thought. You can even leave one of your own if you'd like.

What Other Visitors Have Said About Their Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerators...

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