Nothing Works Right on My Kenmore Refrigerator (model 253.56943601)

by Todd
(St. Louis, MO, USA)

I would not recommend this Kenmore refrigerator to a single soul.

Nothing works right.

  • The doors are different sizes

  • The ice maker shoots ice out at high speed (it goes everywhere) IF you can press it hard enough to actually make it work.

  • The refrigerator is loud running and is overall very cheap.

  • I have had to replace four shelf bins in the doors (over $100 spent on these now) since purchasing the fridge 6 years ago. They are made of very cheap plastic.

  • We upped for a "nice" stainless steel version--it scratches easily! Stainless steel should not scratch this easy! In many ways, I am looking fwd to this one dying (it should not be much longer) as I really can't stand the thing.

This was the first refrigerator I have purchased and I learned two very important lessons:

  1. Stay away from Kenmore

  2. Save up your $ and don't skimp--get a high-end refrigerator.

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