AVOID Kenmore Elite Refrigerator (model 31572) and Sears...

by consumer

Avoid Kenmore refrigerator model 31572 (and Sears) - I have had this fridge 5 months, have had 6 service calls already and 7th on its way.

Here's a list of all of the problems I've has in less than 6 months:

  1. No water - could not fix so ordered new door.
  2. New door installation - cannot get door handle on, order new handle.
  3. New handle installation - also notice ice maker is not working. Tech was supposed to order a new part - I was to call when it came. He never ordered it so i obviously never received it. I called Sears.
  4. They sent another tech out to look at ice maker (that we already knew was broken) - he ordered new ice maker.
  5. Ice maker comes, is installed, I'm told to wait 24-48 hours for ice. Ice never comes...
  6. Service tech comes again to evaluate ... determines there is something wrong with wiring in the door and orders ANOTHER door.
  7. New door will be installed in a week or 2.

I tried to get Sears to replace the fridge which is obviously a dud and they will not because it is still under mfg warranty.

Got passed around on the phone from dept to dept with no satisfactory resolution. The value of the time I've lost from work is worth more than the fridge and the stated value of the service and parts could have also bought the fridge new 2 more times...

It is nice looking but do not be fooled. Unless you are retired and are looking for the company of a service technician, do not get this refrigerator.

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