Kenmore Refrigerator (model #59665939404) Didn't Last - Don't Buy Kenmore Appliances

by Annette

I am really disgusted with my Kemore refrigerator!!

I bought the first one, yes I said the first one because there were more than two. The first Kenmore lasted only 6 months. Thank goodness it had a warranty.

As I expected Sears appliances replaced it with an identical refrigerator model. In the beginning we all thought that I must have just gotten one that was a lemon but as time went on we saw that this wasn't true.

In the end the second model only lasted two years! How is that possible?!?! A refrigerator is a big purchase and should last a great deal longer than 6 months to two years!!

All I can say is Don't buy Kenmore appliances. Their quality has deteriorated beyond recognition!

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