Kenmore Freezer on Top Refrigerator ( Model 106666642k00)

by E. D. McN.
(Campbell River, BC, Canada)

We purchased our Kenmore freezer on top refrigerator Mar 22, 2007.

Within 2 years, one of the bottom drawers was cracked. We tried to buy a replacement, but they were no longer 'in stock'. They were obsolete. We made due.

A few months later the shelf on the door broke. We didn't even bother trying to get it replaced. We now have a fridge with a fragile drawer (we keep gluing it and making due) and only one full width shelf in the door. It makes it difficult to keep the fridge organized.

My complaint? Why are the shelves so fragile - we are an 'older' couple, not hard on our appliances & furniture at all - that these 2 sections of our fridge broke so easily is a testament to the 'cheap' materials used.

The fact that they did not make replacement parts so soon after the fridge was sold is a testament to 1) poor customer services and 2) incredible built in obsolescence.

We certainly will not return to Sears to buy another Kenmore appliance. Too bad, because to this point we have been loyal Sears Appliance customers.

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