The American Freezer Fridge

Many of the Top Rated Refrigerator models are American Brands!

Since the 1950's, the American Freezer Fridge has been a mainstay in most consumer's homes. From well known Popular American Refrigerator Brands like Whirlpool, Amana and Maytag; all have freezer fridge models that are extremely popular with most consumers -- even possibly, a bit nostalgic.

The American freezer fridge comes in a wide variety of styles, from Top Mounted Freezer Refrigerators to Bottom Freezer Mount, Side by Side and the ever popular French Door Refrigerator.

Some of the more popular refrigerator brands like Amana and Maytag are now actually owned by the Whirlpool corporation. This is actually seen as a benefit for the struggling Maytag refrigerator line which has seen a significant deterioration in Consumer Reports ratings as well as poor showings in many refrigerator reviews.

If you're in the market for an American Freezer Fridge, you will want to be sure to check out all of the different options available to you.

American Freezer Fridge Features

There is a wealth of high quality features on most American freezer fridge models, but you need to know which are most applicable to your specific needs.

Also, if you're purchasing from outside the United States, you need to know which of these features will work and which won't.

Here is a list of some of the more popular American Freezer Fridge features that you'll want to be sure your specific model includes:

  1. Icemaker: Many refrigerator models will have an icemaker built in. But many other refrigerators have this as an after market add-on. Before you get your new fridge freezer home, you'll want to be certain that this feature is included in the package if you need it.

  2. Water & Ice Dispenser: Many Side by Side and French Door Refrigerator models have a filtered water and ice dispenser. Keep in mind that this feature can take up quite a bit of storage space within the refrigerator. Look for a "door integrated" model where the entire ice and water dispenser is built into the inside panel of the left side door. This will avoid losing too much storage capacity. Also, be sure to see how much replacement refrigerator water filter cartridges will run you. These should last about six months and cost less than about $50.00.

  3. Split Storage Shelving: Split storage shelving allows you to raise a part of the shelf out of the way so you can fit larger items into your refrigerator.

  4. Spill Proof Glass Shelving: There's little that's more annoying than when you spill something on one refrigerator shelf only to have it cascade down the side of the refrigerator onto all the other internal components and food items. A refrigerator with Spill Proof Glass Shelves will help to minimize this risk. They aren't exactly "spill proof", meaning some might escape. But the chances of large messy drips going down the side of your fridge are significantly reduced.

  5. Wine & Beverage Rack: Considered an additional option in many freezer fridge models, you'll want to be sure you have this convenient feature included in the refrigerator you buy.

  6. Humidity Controlled Drawers: Many refrigerators claim to have this feature, but they are more often than not just drawers in the fridge that have a useless "humidity control" bar on the top. Refrigerator models that have this as a valid feature have drawers that can be sealed off from the rest of the fridge, or are close enough to the vent system that humidity can in fact be controlled. Check to see how your humidity drawers work before making your purchase.

  7. Gallon Door Storage: Gallon sized milk, water and juice containers can take up valuable storage space, so you want to be absolutely sure you find a freezer fridge model with gallon door storage.

American Freezer Fridges are some of the best available on the market today. Take a look throughout this site to find a refrigerator model that best fits your particular needs.

Some American Refrigerator Brands to Consider

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