Samsung Space Max Refrigerators

Huge Storage Capacity Without Sacrificing Floor Space!

Samsung Space Max Refrigerator Models are some of the most popular models in the European market.

In a region where space is at a premium, many European consumers simply can't afford to dedicate all of their available floor space to a large refrigerator.

But, they like the size and interior storage space that most American style refrigerators offer.

Samsung has solved this problem by providing a line of refrigerators that have the maximum amount of interior storage space, while minimizing the amount of floor area that would normally be forfeited to a larger model.

The measurement of the exterior cabinet doesn't exceed a depth of 71cm or a width of 91cm This is crucial if space is an issue in your kitchen.

Samsung H12 Side by Side Refrigerator H-Series

Samsung H Series Refrigerators

The Samsung Space Max technology is available in all of the Samsung H Series line of refrigerators. Although these units are made exclusively for the European and Middle Eastern markets, there are a handful of American retailers that make the Samsung Space Max refrigerators available.

The H Series has a unique combination of interior shelving and drawer space that maximizes the interior capacity in such a way that you're able to truly organize your fridge.

Considering that many European families are preparing more and more food at home, the need for a larger refrigerator is becoming that much more important.

The H-Series is still enviromentally friendly, but it gives the typical family of four more flexibility in their food choices.

Samsung HM 12 Side by Side Refrigerator with Space Max

The latest model to hit the European and Middle Eastern markets is the Samsung HM 12 side by side refrigerator.

This model is available with an external water and ice dispenser and comes in a variety of decor-friendly colors (that AREN'T typically available in the United States).

  • CHECK THIS OUT!: Different color options are becoming all the rage in the United States as well. If Stainless Steel, white, beige and black simply don't meet your needs, check out the latest White Ice design trend from Whirlpool!

Samsung also recently announced a number of coming innovations to the refrigerator marketplace that are intended to keep Samsung at the top of the Side by Side Refrigerator market. Stay tuned as we'll be sure to provide more details on our main Samsung Page as they become available!

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