GE Cafe Appliances

GE Refrigerators That Make You Feel Like a Professional in Your Own Kitchen

A kitchen full of GE Cafe appliances are a wise choice for anyone looking for that perfect combination of professional quality with sleek and modern design. GE found a way to bring the café feel into the everyday kitchen.

The GE refrigerators in the Café line have a unique design and make a statement on any existing kitchen decor. But if matching appliances is what you're after, you're in luck.

The GE Cafe line also contains:

  • GE Electric Range, GE Gas Range, & GE Dual Fuel Range
  • GE Vent Hood,
  • GE Dishwasher

All of these GE appliances have special touches to make them uniquely part of the GE Café line.

GE Café Refrigerator: Choices in Style

Choosing which GE Cafe style is right for you will be easier than you might think as there are only two GE Café refrigerator styles to choose from. Specifically, there are 3 different refrigerator models to choose from in either style.

You can choose between either the GE Cafe French door bottom freezer refrigerators or the GE Cafe side by side refrigerators. Each style offers at least one counter depth version.

Enough summarizing, here are the three different GE Café refrigerators to choose from.

1. GE Café French Door Refrigerator CFCP1NIZSS
OVERVIEW: Would a café style French door bottom freezer refrigerator finish off your kitchen? While the GE website says there is one more model (it isn’t counter depth like this one), we haven’t been able to find any specifics.

However, this model comes as counter depth, along with an internal water dispenser, tons of storage and organization abilities and a look that will add style to any kitchen decor. This is one of the many GE refrigerators that make cooking so much more enjoyable. Definitely one to consider. Read the full review.

Rating: .25.

2. GE Café CSHS6UGZSS Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This GE side by side refrigerator is fully loaded. It's both super quiet, counter depth and has extremely accurate temperature control features and a fresh, internal filtered water dispenser.

When it comes to price, we were happily surprised at the great deals you can find with just a little research. Check out our full review for more details. Read the full review.

Rating: .25.

3. GE Café Side by Side Counter Depth Refrigerator CSCP5UGXSS
OVERVIEW: If you’re looking for a counter depth refrigerator with a huge capacity that also comes with all of the bells and whistles, then take a look at this GE fridge. This side by side refrigerator is great for a large family and perfect if entertaining is a part of your lifestyle.

The extra features take the "every day" out of the every day meal. Don’t be surprised if you find this refrigerator in a true cook’s kitchen (or someone who likes to look like a true cook).Read the full review.


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Similar Refrigerators to GE Café

If you liked the look of these refrigerators but want to see other models, then take a look at the three listed below:

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