GE Monogram Refrigerator

Refined Tastes and Exquisite Styling

Adding a GE Monogram Refrigerator to your kitchen is just the start to making your dream kitchen into a reality.

While the GE brand is known for its quality and easy of use, the GE Monogram line was created in the image of your dreams.

They chose to create 3 distinct styles to their GE Monogram appliances and allow you to add a seemingly limitless amount of options to create a kitchen completely customized to your needs. Whether you want your GE Monogram refrigerator to be seen or completely seamless, both can be done with understated elegance in your kitchen.

Which GE Monogram refrigerator is right for you?

In order to get the life you dreamed of, first you need to figure out what your dreams are. Looking for the refrigerator of your dreams is no different, first you have to dream it.

Here’s a list of questions that will help you figure this out:

  1. Do you want a built in refrigerator or a free-standing one?

    Quite often this is decided by the size of the opening you have in your kitchen. The free-standing refrigerator is 36” wide while the built-in GE Monogram refrigerators range from 72”-36” wide.

  2. What type of refrigerator will you need? (e.g. – French Door, bottom freezer, side by side, etc.)

    Think about how your refrigerator is used. Are you someone who enjoys cooking with fresh food? Then you might want to think about a French door refrigerator or a bottom freezer model to allow for easy access to these items. If you are someone who doesn’t cook very often and typically buys frozen prepared foods, then you should consider a refrigerator with easy access to the freezer as well as ample freezer space – possibly even a separate refrigerator and freezer.

  3. What kind of style do you like?

    This is where GE Monogram refrigerators have a bit more flexibility. There are 4 different ways to go here:

    • Integrated: This part of the GE Monogram collection is based all stainless steel that covers the doors and even wraps around the edges. The signature Monogram handles are slim, long tubular handles, giving a very understated yet elegant look to any kitchen.

    • Professional: While this part of the collection is also done in stainless steel, the biggest differences can be seen in the louvered grill on top as well as the hand-finished edges.

    • Custom: These refrigerators are ready for complete personalization by adding custom cabinet panels to make your GE Monogram refrigerator completely seamless.

    • Freestanding: These are also completely wrapped in stainless steel and add elegance to any kitchen.

At this point you should be able to answer the above questions to help you find the refrigerator of your dreams.

The Different GE Monogram Refrigerator Options

You might be surprised to see the vast number of different types of GE Monogram refrigerators there are. Take a look at all of the many possibilities below.

  • Built-In GE Monogram Refrigerators

    1. Side-by-Side: These 17 models come in 36”, 42” and 48” widths and can be done in any of the three lines (custom, integrated or professional), with or without an in-door ice/water dispenser. Just be aware that only 11 of the 17 models are Energy Star products.

    2. Built- Bottom Freezers: The 7 different options offered here come in either 36” or 72” (which kind of appears to just be two of these refrigerators put together. They can come in stainless or custom panels can be added. None of these have in-door ice/water dispensers.

    3. Freezerless Refrigerators: All 6 of these models only come in 36” widths but they can come in stainless steel or custom panel options.

    4. Freezers: You’ll find that the 6 models are very similar to the all refrigerator models because typically most people place one next to the other. (All 6 are 36” and can come in stainless or custom panel options).

  • Free-Standing Refrigerators

    1. Side by side: While the two models offered are both 36” widths they differ in their cubic foot capacity (24.6 and 22.6). Both are stainless steel wrapped and the rest of their dimensions are just about the same.

    2. Bottom Freezers: There are only 2 models of this as well. The only real differences between the two are that one is part of the Professional line and the other is part of the Integrated line causing the handles to be different. The other difference is that one is 31” deep (Professional) while the other is 30” deep (Integrated)

  • Double-Drawer Refrigerators:

    These two different models are very similar in functionality with a total capacity of 5 cu. Ft a piece and are great for having fresh food readily available. Though when it comes to aesthetics they are very different. One is made to have a stainless steel look and the other is for a built-in look that will require custom handles and door panels (this one is also a bit deeper).

  • Fresh Food Refrigerators:

    This is really just another term to describe a compact refrigerator. All 4 of these have a 5.4 cu. Ft capacity and work the same and the major difference is in their appearances.

    1. Custom Paneled Compact Refrigerator: These two models are made to have custom panels on them. One opens to the right and the other to the left and one has a built in flush appearance (this is the one that opens to the right).

    2. Stainless Steel Compact refrigerator: Of these models there are also only differences in appearance with one door that opens to the left and one to the right which also has a flush appearance but it can be free standing or built in.

  • Outdoor Refrigerators:

    Both of these compact outdoor refrigerators are basically the same with a stainless steel appearance and a 5.4cu ft capacity. The only difference is the door can open to the right and left.

  • Wine Reserve Refrigerators:

    These 4 different refrigerators are all undercounter products that hold up to 57 bottles of wine. Three of these models have a digital temperature display upfront while the other is hidden.

    The other main differences are in the door appearance: see-thru glass, reversible hinges or on right only, stainless or custom panel and a ¼” height variance.

  • Bar Refrigerators with Icemaker:
    Both of these 2 models are the same in capacity and the same in size except for their depths (23 ¾” and 24 7/8”). The only other difference is one is made to have a custom panel put on it and the other is made to have a stainless steel look.

  • Ice Makers:

    If you need ice, this is the model for you. This product has a daily ice production of 50 lbs with a storage capacity of 25lbs.

    Of the 3 models that are made by GE Monogram the only difference is that they come in stainless, white or black (the last two can have custom panels attached) and the stainless weighs 7 pounds more. Otherwise they really are the same ice maker.

  • Beverage Centers:

    To better explain what a beverage center looks like is to say it is a compact refrigerator with a clear glass door on it.

    These 4 models are very similar to the breakdown of the wine storage refrigerators in that three of the four come with an upfont digital temperature display, the fourth one is not visible. The other main differences are in the door appearance: see-thru glass, reversible hinges or on right only, stainless or custom panel and a ¼” height variance

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