Maytag Top Freezer Refrigerator (Model #MTB1894ARW)

by Lita
( Canada)

I bought a Maytag top freezer refrigerator August 2006. Around 5 years later, in August 2011, the ice started to build up in the freezer section.

A service technician figured it needs a new defrost heater,since I did not have a warranty insurance I was willing to pay for the part. To my disappointment Whirlpool had stopped manufacturing the part,so my refrigerator was sentenced an untimely demise.

Whirlpool gave this statement:
Whirlpool is not legally responsible because you did not buy a warranty but offered me a 10% discount if I buy another Maytag refrigerator.

I will never buy another Maytag product or any other Whirlpool product because of poor resolution of product defects. Had I done my research on customer reviews I would not have bought a Maytag refrigerator in the first place.

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Nov 12, 2011
Same Problem with my Maytag Refrigerator
by: Anonymous

I had the exact same thing happen to my Maytag refrigerator. It was the same model at 6 years!!

I am with you, no Maytags for me in the future. 1-5 year warranty, broken at year 6! What a joke?!?1

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