Maytag MFI-2568 AEB French Door "ICE 2-0" - is a Piece of Garbage

by M. Feingold
(Monmouth County, NJ)

Our Open Air Maytag ICE 2-0 without the right side door!!!! Talk  about OPEN AIR!

Our Open Air Maytag ICE 2-0 without the right side door!!!! Talk about OPEN AIR!

Here it is in a nutshell. Bought my Maytag MFI-2568 AEB French Door "ICE 2-0" for $2200 at Home Depot in May of 2006. One year and one month out of the warranty, the electronics went totally wacko and then died.

Apparently, the circuit board that runs the whole refrigerator was defective. The good news about that, is that Maytag acknowledged a defect and posted a "recall" so it didn't cost us any money.

That said, we've had the unit only 4 years. FOUR YEARS people. I came downstairs to my wife screaming help the other day to discover the right side door had literally fallen off the hinges and shattered on the tile.

Milk, juice and butter flew everywhere, and of course, a repair was out of the question (the quotes were around $800 to replace the door).

We had to buy a new fridge.

Now, of course, you're thinking, "Well, what did you buy?" My appliance guys (NOT Home Depot) convinced us that the Maytage ICE-2-0 units are now made by Whirlpool and an entirely different animal. Much better quality.

They also had them on sale with big rebates. And we took the 5 year extended warranty. And he assures me it will fit into the same space in our newly renovated kitchen!

I tried reaching Maytag to complain to NO AVAIL.
So much for the myth of the Maytag Repair man.

After note: I checked in Consumer Reports. Maytag does not have a very good rating in terms of service... Oy vay!

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Nov 03, 2018
Agree 1000% NEW
by: Anonymous

Bought ours new in 2007. Three months out of warranty and it stopped making ice but kept freezing everything in the fridge. Consumer Reports was giving them a glowing review when we bought it. We still have the stupid thing. The temperature display on the front says it's 46 degrees in the fridge. We have to buy ice and we just drink tap water. The most expensive and least reliable appliance I have ever owned.

Jul 22, 2015
When did they stop selling
by: Anonymous

What was the last year these were sold?

Feb 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

I have worked on one like it replaced capacitor, found out the customer was plugging it to a multi plug extension cord and other appliances hooked up too it informed him that we are ignorant we need to get educated on using extension cords but finally asked not to plug appliances into an extension cord his refrigerator is done I think the board is don for it

Jun 01, 2013
Maytag ice 20
by: Belinda

I bought mine in Nov 2006 from Tri Supply in Beaumont, Texas. I knew nothing of the recall. It just went out and I am learning that there are multiple problems with this unit.

A "top-of-the-line" $2600 appliance should last longer than 6 1/2 years. If repaired, at a cost of $1051, the repairman assured me I would have the same problem in a few months because of the way it was made.

I understand that SEARS discontinued selling them when they realized how these refriderators were made. Unfortunately, I had not bought it there.

IS THERE ANY RECOURSE AT THIS POINT? I am only getting started fighting this, but would appreciate input.

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