Bad Experience with Maytag Side by Side Refrigerator

by Mary

To say I've had a bad experience with my Maytag side by side refrigerator is an understatement!

I bought a Maytag side by side 3 years ago. Last Thursday it stopped cooling. The Sears repairman came on Friday said that the high end freon system has leaked so badly that the entire system is now contaminated. Best of all it's not worth repairing.

When I bought my Maytag side by side I only expected to have it for 5 to 10 years so I did not buy extended warranty. So I had to pay the Sears refrigerator repairman $70 and it took him 5 minutes to tell me it was a goner. Not to mention the $1000 I spent on this lemon.

I called Maytag customer service and it took me more than half hour to get a REAL, LIVE person. After a great deal of discussion she promised to give my a 25% discount if I buy a new refrigerator from one of their different brands. Best of all, when I checked my email somehow it went down to 15%.

I had already lost my trust in Maytag, and now adding insult to my injury with the coupon there's no way I would buy another refrigerator from them, even if they gave me 25% off that they promised.

At this point I think I'm going to replace it with a LG side by side refrigerator instead!!

If you are looking at buying a Maytag, BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Jun 07, 2013
defective Maytag
by: Dave

Bad experiance with Maytag Sise by Side.
# years old but was in showroom 1 year so i had it 2. Stopped working. Call local tech out and he informed me the compressor is done with. Have to now buy another unit. It will sure not me any sort of Maytag model.Scale os 1 to 10 i found out Maytag is 3 from the bottom.Dont know if i can afford a Kenmore but will look at the LG line.
Kenmore is 2nd from top and LG is 3rd from top.

Aug 05, 2010
Maytag Refrigerator Offer...
by: Anonymous

To get clarification of the offer made to you by email you may want to contact

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