Maytag Top Freezer Refrigertor Review (Model #MTF 2142EEW01 ): MY NIGHTMARE!!!

by Richard C.
(Tamarac, Florida USA)

As you will see by my Maytag refrigerator review below this fridge has been the biggest nightmare I have ever had with an appliance:

Let's start with the interior lights staying on with the door shut (fyi, a major fire hazard):

  1. First Fridge was staying warm - lights were staying on when door shut
  2. Maytag sent Service Techs who concluded it was switch
  3. Week later replaced switch but lights still stayed on
  4. Further inspection revealed error in manufacturing process and screw had went through wire inside of unit

I am a snowbird and after returning next fall noticed that food was defrosting in freezer. My freezer not working properly went like this:

  1. Maytag sent Service Techs who concluded it was improperly wired and unplugged something in controls

  2. Evaporator froze up and quit freezing altogether (we lost a bunch of food)

  3. Maytag sent Service Techs who concluded first Service Tech was wrong - actually needed a new compressor - replaced compressor and Maytag gave me a further one year warranty

  4. Returned next fall and Freezer wasn't making ice and lower Fridge not cooling below 50 degrees

  5. Maytag sent Service Techs who recharged system with freon

  6. Same night Fridge began to make loud hissing and groaning noises

  7. Maytag sent Service Techs who canceled at last minute, didn't have tools/knowledge to fix problem, had to re-cancel appointment again

  8. Maytag sent Service Techs who determined problem was noise coming from lines leading to evaporator and put a sound dampening gunk on them

  9. Ice machine stopped working after Service Techs left

  10. Maytag sent Service Techs who determined problem was the module in the icemaker that had seized and had to order part

NEEDLESS to say this has been the fridge from "HELL"!!!

Maytag will not replace it even though I have sent them all of the above - I am now sitting on a Friday - no ice - awaiting a call (once again) from Service Techs to determine when they will get the part and when they will fix it!!!

Maytag reliability my butt!!!!

Richard C. - Fort Lauderdale

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