Bad Maytag Customer Service

Such bad Maytag Customer Service on my Maytag 3 door bottom freezer refrigerator.

After a couple of years our refrigerator had two problems that required a pro to repair. My wife likes the refrigerator but Maytag didn't want to make using the extended warranty easy.

It took several days to get the repair person out and when a Maytag corporation person was asked if anyone cared about customer service, they actually said: "Maybe someone in corporate does;" but they couldn't tell me who!

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May 25, 2010
Sorry about Maytag's bad customer service
by: HeidiPro

Wow that sounds like an awful experience. I myself get so upset when I can't get decent customer service. Was the whole experience one that has basically turned you off from the idea of buying another Maytag product?

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