Maytag Side by Side Counter Depth Refrigerator Review (model #mcd2358)

Here's my Maytag side by side refrigerator review (model #mcd2358):

I bought my Maytag refrigerator June 19th. Just 1 week later I had a service call on it. The problem was the water ran very loud.

The Maytag repairman said it is normal, which doesn't make any sense because the filter was leaking onto my laminate floor. The repairman "fixed' this issue.

Then in October (only 4 months later) I found a large puddle of water under fridge and on kitchen floor. I turned off water to fridge which didn't help. It was a Saturday and I had to wait until Monday to talk to someone.

I was able to set up a service call for Tuesday.

The problems was a crack in the drain pan which was on order. I was told once it was fixed that it shouldn't leak again.

Thursday I came home to a large puddle flooding kitchen again. The service call was canceled two days before the appointment due to the part being on back order. The next the part arrived!

Couldn't get them to come out at the previously scheduled time. So I ended up yelling at repair people for an hour and finally got them to set up a service call for 3 days later. The problem was fixed but the cabinets and toe kick were ruined. This really irks me because the kitchen is new.

Just one month later, November 1st, the water started to taste bad. I called for service...again. They came out and said the refrigerator water filter needed to be replaced. So we did and tasted fine for 4 days then the water was bad again. But this time it tasted horrible -- Non-drinkable.

So we called them again. The Maytag repairman came out and says the water tasted fine to him. They wouldn't do anything to fix it. They said there was no problem with fridge.

Really?!?! A $2,0000 fridge and you can't drink the water or use the ice and they refused to help.


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