Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (model MF12569)

by Joe T
(Sun City West, AZ)

Have had our Maytag French door bottom freezer refrigerator one year and we HATE it.

We have had three service calls already (incompetent?) from Sears service. We are now scheduled for the fourth call.

What do we have to do to get a replacement frig?

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Comments for Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (model MF12569)

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Jun 06, 2019
Love it! NEW
by: Anonymous

We purchased this Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator in July 2010 and it has been fantastic! Ice maker puts out plenty of ice, and item has been virtually trouble free! We did break the cover of the lower vegetable drawer, but decided not to replace it and there are no issues. Recently, we have a door issue (i.e. when left door closes hard, right door may pop open). As this is almost 9 years old, we choose to live with it. Would definitely buy this again (this time in SS)!

Sep 14, 2018
Bottom Freezer NEW
by: Anonymous

After opening and closing the bottom freezer door a large sheet of ICE forms in the very bottom (due to humidity) as a result of this, the seal around the door lets in warmer air that causes the ice to melt. Water then leaks along the bottom seal and onto the floor. Is this a design flaw? Can anything be done to correct this problem?

Jan 25, 2015
French door bottom frezzer
by: Anonymous

Water line in back of fridge broke and caused damage to my hardwood floors and leaked threw to my basement damaging my carpet,drywall and a air hockey table.Service guy said they have had a lot of problems with it and was a bad design.Do you think or even think they should have had a recall on the $2 part that caused over $800 in damage!?!?!?You know they are not going to replace my drywall,air hockey table and water damage I had to my hard wood floored.Only had it for 6 months.Now at 8 months the ice maker is leaking water all over the inside door and running out the ice dispenser.What will be next??
I knew I should have bought a LG.
Do not buy a maytag or whirlpool

Sep 27, 2012
Not enough better than none
by: Anonymous

Well, we had enough ice for almost two years. Now it just stopped making ice completely!

We purchased all new Whirlpool appliances for new home less than two years ago.

We had the service out twice for the dishwasher, three times for the microwave, and once (at a cost close to $400) for the washer.

Remember the old commercial with the Maytag repairman with nothing to do? Forget it.

Jul 12, 2012
We to bought a Maytag French Dor Bottom Freezer refrigerator model #mf12569YEW0
by: Anonymous

Love the refrigerator and freezer but the ice maker is AWFUL! Does not make enough icve for two people! If we have guests over we have to buy a bag of ice, we had the service guy out and he said he'd replace the ice maker but this ice maker only makes 6 peices every 2 hrs! It should dump quicker than 2hrs! Can you believe that, The refri. we had previously made more ice than we could use even with company! If I had known this we would certainly never purchased it. If replacing ice maker doesn't help, I am contacting Maytag and complaining about this matter and let them know just how disatisfied we are and ask about a replacement refrigerator that can make enough ice to warrant having an icemaker! If you have to keep ice in a bag or pan container in freezer, well, we just as well have got one with ice trays and saved the extra money spent for ice maker & dispenser! VERY DISAPPOINTED IN MAYTAG!!!

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