Throwing Out Our 9 Month Old GE Side by Side Refrigerator Model number: GSL22JFTABS

by Bill Shaw

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Our GE Side by Side Refrigerator Model number: GSL22JFTABS is by far the WORST appliance I have ever bought. We thought that by buying directly from GE, we'll get a higher quality product.

I was egregiously wrong.

About eight months after buying this refrigerator, it started to leak water out of the doors of the fridge.

At first, I thought it was just the weather that warmed up the fridge, but it turned out that the entire back was just a solid block of ice from the defroster breaking after just eight months.

The water flow continued for a week, and we had to buy a chest freezer to save all our food, not to mention water damaging our hardwood floor.

We called GE to have it repaired only to be lied to about the price over the phone and have the repairman charge us over $200 to replace a 20 dollar piece.

Now that the fridge is finally cold again, the panel for temperature adjustment froze, and so the fridge was stuck on the coldest setting.

We called again only to find that it would cost us about another $200 to fix the panel. But knowing GE, it'll turn out to be over $300.

We decided to throw out a nine-month-old fridge and replace it. Never will I buy from GE again.

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