Negative GE Side by Side Refrigerator Review

(Bradenton, FL)

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You may not like my GE side-by-side refrigerator review, but at least it's honest! My GE refrigerator is truly a piece of junk!!!!

It completely broke after five years with very little use. GE will not stand behind the product.

Stay away from these GE products!!!!

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Comments for Negative GE Side by Side Refrigerator Review

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Mar 02, 2015
overpriced rubbish
by: a.simpson

purchased this GE counter depth side by side profile refrigerator, in less than 6 months the freezer compartment starts cracking . for just under $3000 one would think this is a decent product. on examination I found it was made in mexico. now the cracks are much wider front to back GE promise to repair them we will see


Jun 19, 2012
GE is garbage
by: Anonymous

I would never buy another GE anything again. It is absolute GARBAGE. The freezer works when it wants to so what do i do when everything is thawed. Please do yourself a favor, DO NOT BUY GE ANYTHING

Oct 01, 2010
2 door-top freezer-16.7 size
by: Carole-The Stuckee Anonymous

You said it!!

I used to think GE was the Best! Not anymore.

They make these "new Technology" refridgerators like JUNK!! They are very, very, Noisy!!

I got a new one and it sounds like a submarine. It never stops running -- 24/7.

Energy Saver. BS. Never heard my old one of 17 yrs.

The best part is there's nothing you can do about it. You are stuck. Had 3 technicians and they all said,"That's the new technology." You'll get used to the noise. What kind of comment is that?

Tell the designer of this refridge to come and sit in my kitchen and listen to this "Wah,wah,whir,whir" constantly. I can hear it when I open my door when I come home from shopping. And I say, "Here it goes again." Deafening. Who wants to hear this noise?!?!

I will never recommend GE again

The Stuckee....

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