GE Side by Side Profile Refrigerator Review (model #PSC25MGSABB)

by KrikriCol
(Herndon, VA)

Our GE side by side Profile refrigerator review (model #PSC25MGSABB)is a sad one.

Our GE refrigerator is only 4 years old and it is now on it's 3rd motherboard. It is covered under warranty but for the parts only, not the labor - which can only be done by a GE technician.

Even better, to get it actually working again after you call them, plan to wait about two weeks.

I spoke with GE customer service and they did not seem to understand why it was a problem that the same part has been replaced 2X in 4 years - apparently, they consider that reliable.

Stay away from GE products or make sure you keep a back up refrigerator in your garage!

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