GE Side by Side Refrig Review (model #DSS25KSRSS / MH401985)

by Tlou
(Haywood County, NC, 28786)

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I had been pleased with my GE side-by-side refrigerator until the problems with the freezer and ice maker began. Now, I would not recommend it!

It is only five years old. The freezer has big starts over-defrosting randomly. This causes the ice maker not to work as the ice thaws and then refreezes, so the ice maker cannot dispense ice as it's all stuck together.

For the past 6-8 weeks, we have had no ice, had to throw food away in the freezer twice due to ice buildup, and then it is partially defrosting. We've had damage to our wood floor underneath because water leaks out of the bottom of the door when the defrosting occurs.

Had we been away from home this last time, I believe there would have been extensive damage to our wood floor.

We have the service contract through Home Depot, which we paid extra for, then renewed at the end of the period. Their contracted service agency has been out twice to fix the is fixed for a day, then the same problem commences. The time window to wait on the service agency is 5 hours.

I am frustrated and disgusted with this product!

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