GE Side by Side Refrigerator Review (model #GSS25SGMD)

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Here's my dissatisfied GE side by side refrigerator review:

We have been unhappy with this GE refrigerator almost from the day we bought it. It seemed like an excellent deal in terms of pricing, but we have paid the price because we need a high-performing refrigerator. We quickly learned that this model is far from "high-performing."

Here are a few of the things that don't work:

  1. The interior light bulbs stick out, which means you have to be careful, or they will break.

  2. The biggest problem is how often the meat and vegetable drawers fall apart because the plastic is so cheap.

  3. We have had to replace all of the plastic parts in the refrigerator. When we replaced them, we followed the directions to a T, but even though we did, having the doors open to do this job caused the generator to break. That was a costly repair!

  4. The ice maker is poorly designed. A curved wire has to go into the back of the freezer just so that the ice maker works! If you install it incorrectly, the freezer door stays open a crack, leading to more problems.

  5. The icemaker is slow.

There are a few good things about this refrigerator that I would like to mention:

  1. This refrigerator is very quiet. It is as quiet now -- 7 years later -- as when we purchased it.

  2. It is an attractive refrigerator too.

  3. The GE website is terrific. Using that website or the general web, when the refrigerator breaks, you can easily search online to find out what is wrong so that when a repairperson comes, you know what he needs to do and can ensure you are not ripped off.

      Tip: We've used the GE website to schedule a repairperson. This is an outstanding feature because the repairpeople have been reliable.

Despite these positives, I would not purchase another GE refrigerator because of the plastic parts issues.

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Aug 14, 2013
Fed Up With GE refrigatators
by: Anonymous

I'm on my second piece of garbage; a GE side by side refrigerator. I had to call for service so many times on my first one. The freezer door did not seal properly, not cooling enough etc. Finally I had to replace it. Bought a new one, same thing happened now my freezer is not working. I don't even want to call for service; I feel like dumping it at the land field. Thanks GE for the piece of garbage you make!

Jan 07, 2011
What Happend to Quality Control?!?!

My GE side by side refrigerator (model GSS201BPHCC) just had to have the heater harness defrost assy. replaced ($182).

I am a senior and everything would have spoiled. IT IS FIVE YEARS OLD!!!

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