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A Wide Variety of Styles and Choices from GE Refrigeators

The various lines of GE refrigerators include: GE, GE Profile Refrigerator, GE Café, and GE Monogram.

If you're trying to figure out what makes GE Profile appliances different is that they offer a unique, contemporary design which is matched with the latest in kitchen technologies. The refrigerators with the Profile brand display a sleek, modern look that matches a wide variety of kitchen decor and styles.

GE will be offering an interactive LCD screen on some of its higher end models. Also, one Profile model will feature a refreshment center and fold away shelves.

GE Profile refrigerators have contoured doors and sculpted handles and come in a wide variety of styles from Top Freezer to Four Door French Door Refrigerator models.

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Which GE Profile refrigerator is right for you?

The Profile line has one of the widest selections of refrigerators available of any brand we've featured. Which means, you have a LOT of choices to sift through before you land on which model is right for you.

To help make this process a bit easier, consider asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Built In vs. Free Standing:
    Built In refrigerators blend in with your existing cabinetry through a combination of custom-made panels and/or overhead evaporator systems. Depending on your decor needs, a built in unit can give you a very unique, high end look.

    A Free Standing GE Profile French Door Refrigerator is more of a standard model. They tend to be a bit more affordable, but if you're not too particular on having your refrigerator blend into the background, then a Free Standing unit is right for you.

  2. Style: (e.g. – French Door, bottom freezer, side by side, etc.)
    The Profile line has a wide selection available in a variety of styles. From 3 and 4 door French Door Refrigerators, to Side by Sides and Top Freezers, you're bound to find what works for you.

    Also, do you prefer a freezer on the top or on the side? From French Door Refrigerators, Side by Side models, or Top Freezer Refrigerators, there are a number of models in the GE Profile Refrigerator line.

  3. Storage Space:
    Take into consideration how many there are in your household. So, how much storage space do you actually need? 25 cubic feet will adequately service a typical family of four.

    There are currently 80 different models in the GE Profile line. So, you may want to further narrow down your choices by examining what features you really want versus those you really need. There is a HUGE variance in the price of the Profile refrigerators, so consider what you really deem important as it will be directly reflected in the final price.

  4. Counter Depth:
    There are 30 Counter Depth models to choose from ranging in depth from 29 5/8" to 31". For those looking to add a sleeker, more modern look to their kitchens, the Counter Depth models are usually best.

  5. Advanced Food Preservation:
    There are 10 models with GE's ClimateKeeper™ system which uses two evaporators to create two separate climates. One evaporator feeds the fresh food compartment and the other feeds the freezer. The fresh food evaporator provides a humid environment, while the freezer evaporator is dry cold.

    For those who are a bit more demanding of how well their food products are preserved, a dual evaporation unit such as the ClimateKeeper is worth considering.

  6. Energy Efficient:
    We are happy say that over 40 of the GE Profile Refrigerators are rated as Energy Efficient and qualify as Energy Star Rated appliances.

    Buying an Energy Efficient fridge isn't just good for the environment, but it can have a significant savings over the life of the unit in money saved on extra energy. Additionally, the government (both local and federal) have created a number of rebate programs where those who replace inefficient old appliances can get hundreds of dollars toward the purchase of a new unit. (Click HERE for more information about these specialized rebate programs.)

  7. Double-Drawer French Door Refrigerators:
    These units have become exceptionally popular over the past couple of years and GE offers up one of the most efficient collections available. Highly rated for both performance and reliability, you really need to consider any of the four models to choose from with this feature.

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Now that you've heard all of the features regarding GE Profile fridges, do you want to hear what actual owners have had to say about their GE Profile appliances? Then click here to read Profile side by side reviews or scroll down to read to see more on other Profile refrigerator models.

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