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A GE Profile French door refrigerator adds so much to any kitchen in both looks and function in a very affordable way.

Between some amazing technological advances and beautiful design, these models of GE refrigerators are add quite an updated look to any kitchen.

GE has always been known for quality but with the GE Profile line they looked to bring elegance into an everyday kitchen without breaking the bank. There are close to 3 dozen models to choose from that span freestanding and built in as well as counter depth and full size. Their MSRPs range in price from $1899 to $3199 but typically we’ve found them from 10-25% less.

GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Reviews

Many of prefer learning about refrigerators from reviews themselves, so we’ve compiled a list of our 4 favorite Profile French door refrigerators and reviewed them. To read these reviews, then click on the link below.

Otherwise you are more than welcome to continue reading more about what makes these French door refrigerators so amazing.

GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Reviews

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GE Profile French Door Refrigerators Unique Features

Here’s a few of the reasons why we think that these French door refrigerators are something special. Just remember that not every refrigerator has every feature. Make sure that the model you choose has the features you want.

  1. Integrated Ice Maker: Everything about this ice maker from where it is placed in the fridge to not take up a huge amount of valuable storage space, how well it is integrated to match the look and feel make this a wonderful addition to any GE refrigerator.

  2. TurboCool and TurboFreeze: These two settings offer you the ability to cool warm items placed in your fridge at a much quicker pace as well as items in your freezer to solidify, such as ice cream that softened up on the way home from the store.

  3. Integrated Media Center: Only one model has this but it is a really amazing feature that helps you calculate measurements, offers substitutions if you run out of something mid-recipe as well as gives you nutritional values on the items in your fridge to help you make a good choice. Click here to see this fridge

  4. Full With Fresh Food Drawer: This drawer is fantastic as you can change the temperature based on the needs of whatever you place in it. Best of all the extra-long width allows for party trays to stay fresh right up until they are served.

  5. Door Alarm: This seemingly simple feature may actually save you thousands of dollars in lost foods. Leave the door open too long and the door alarm will let you know and won’t stop until it’s closed.

  6. Easy Freezer Organization: GE made sure that this line of refrigerators has easy sliding baskets inside of every freezer so you can easily find whatever it is you are looking for.

  7. Energy Star Qualified: In this day and age Energy efficiency is a must and considering your refrigerator is the one appliance that uses the most energy in your house this is a great feature to have.

In all honesty, there are so many wonderful features across all GE appliances that make purchasing a GE Profile French door refrigerator a great idea.

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GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Reviews

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