GE Profile Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Model # PDS22SFSDRSS

by Grace

We bought this "lovely" GE Profile bottom freezer refrigerator and within two months it had to have repairs because of shoddy workmanship. A relay had not been plugged in all the way and it was sparking and smoking. Had to throw food away.

A few months later it lost cooling again, and we had to move all the food. They couldn't find anything wrong with it. It just started back up all on it's own.

Just this weekend we were gone 2 days and came back to a room temperature refrigerator and we had to throw ALL of the food in the frig and freezer. It did start up again all on it's own but who can trust it?

Now, 3 1/2 years after spending $2100, we are using the 30 year old Kenmore (that has never needed a repair) we moved out into the garage to get this problem refrigerator in.

GE's reaction is; too bad for you, sorry, ho-hum... our warranty had expired. I well never again buy ANYTHING with a GE on it, not even a light bulb.

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