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GE Profile French door refrigerator reviews are the next step in figuring out which model is right for your needs. We know that finding the perfect refrigerator can be difficult as well as confusing which is why we’ve narrowed down your choices for you.

Make sure you read each of the GE Profile French Door refrigerator reviews below as each one has something a bit different to offer and one is a counter depth refrigerator that adds a great deal to any kitchen. (In case that’s the one you are looking for, it’s the bottom review.)

If you would like more information on one or all of these GE refrigerators, then either click on the picture to see more or the link to read the full review.

The 4 Best GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Reviews

With close to three dozen GE Profile French Door refrigerators to choose between we did some research to make your life and decision making process easier. We’ve done our best to find 4 special models that are different from one another which again is why we recommend you take a look at all of these GE Profile French Door refrigerator reviews.

1. GE Profile French Door Refrigerator PFSS6PKXSS
OVERVIEW: If you are looking for a basic French door refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser with a great deal of room at a great price, then this is one to definitely one to consider.

It’s large enough for a family of 4-6 people and still will help you save money on your electric bill. Read the full review.

Rating: .5

2. GE Profile French Door Refrigerator PFSS9PKYSS
OVERVIEW: This GE Profile French Door refrigerator is perfect for either a large family or someone who loves to entertain. Even though it has a great deal of storage space it still has a very sleek and updated appearance.

We loved that we found it on sale at such a great price – close to 25% off of its MSRP. If you’re one for deals, then this is a great refrigerator for you. Read the full review to see the amazing prices we’ve found it for. Read the full review.

Rating: .75

3. GE Profile French Door Refrigerator PFSS9SKYSS with Media Center
OVERVIEW: Not only is this a great French Door refrigerator that hold a lot of food, it is one of the more futuristic refrigerators on the market. If you wonder what refrigerators will look like in the future this is step one.

This fridge is not only there to help you keep things fresh, it also offers advice on cooking and nutrition. Worth taking a look at just to see what your next refrigerator is going to look like. Read the full review.

Rating: .90

4. GE Profile Counter Depth 4 Door Refrigerator PGCS1NFZSS
OVERVIEW: This refrigerator is quite beautiful between its counter depth and two freezer drawers it looks more like a piece of furniture than a refrigerator.

Best of all the amazing organizational abilities make it a pleasure to use as well as cook with. A wonderful update to any kitchen at a comfortable price. Read the full review.

Rating: .75

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