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GE Profile Refrigerator, GE Profile Dishwasher, GE Profile Microwave and Much More…

GE Profile appliances cover every aspect that you might need in your kitchen from cold storage to cooking and from washing and drying to taking out the trash.

Quite often we've had people tell us that they first bought a GE refrigerator and ended up with a stove, oven and dishwasher all from the Profile line of GE. The benefit of a full "suite" of matching appliances really is the beauty of this line. If you want to create a kitchen that looks like it cost a fortune but didn't then Profile is the way to go.

If you're looking for cold storage, there’s the line of Profile Refrigerators: Profile Wine Refrigerators and Profile Beverage centers.

As for cooking with a GE appliance, there are many different options. You can have your choice of a Profile Range, a Profile Wall Oven, a Profile Cooktop, and a Profile Microwave oven.

Last but definitely not least, GE will help you clean up any messes you’ve made with their GE Dishwashers - Profile, GE Profile Compactors, GE Profile Washers, and GE Profile Dryers.

GE Profile Appliances: Which GE Refrigerator is Right For Me

The fantastic part about this refrigerator line is that it comes in every style possible:

GE French Door Profile refrigerators (3 and 4 doors)
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GE Side by Side Profile Refrigerators
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GE Bottom Freezer Profile Refrigerators
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GE Top Freezer Profile Refrigerators

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Once you choose your style, these refrigerators can come as built in refrigerators with or without custom panels or freestanding. The colors you’ll have to choose between are Black, Bisque, White and Stainless Steel.

Also you’ll want to consider if you would like your refrigerator to be flush with the cabinets as in a counter depth refrigerator (sleek and beautiful but less storage space) or a full depth refrigerator.

We know there are lots of choices to make but once you figure out what you want you will find this process gets much easier.

Profile Refrigerator Features

If you find a feature or two that are “must haves” make sure the refrigerator you choose definitely has them because not every Profile is the same. Take a look below to see a few of the amazing features we mean.

  1. ClimateKeeper™ system with dual evaporators: The ideal refrigerator is not only beautiful but it also keeps your foods fresher longer. With this system your fresh produce will stay better for longer and your frozen foods will taste like they're supposed to.

  2. External Temperature Controls: In the past you never knew exactly what the temperature of your fridge was. No more guessing on whether your refrigerator is at the right temperature. Finally a system that you exactly what temperature your refrigerator is at and allows you to change it one degree at a time.

  3. Child Lock and Door Alarm: If you don’t have children then this feature won’t seem all that amazing but for those of us who do it is a godsend. The child lock will prevent your children from dispensing ice or water without your say so. The door alarm will let you know if the door was left opened before everything spoils.

  4. NeverClean Condenser: Many people don't know that most refrigerators need regular maintenance. Cleaning the condenser is very important but it is located behind the fridge. This feature makes it a thing of the past.

  5. LED and GE Reveal® lighting: Slimmer lighting systems don’t take up valuable storage space. The addition of LED lighting makes things much easier to see as well as uses a great deal less energy while giving off almost no heat. Best of all, they shouldn’t burn out…ever!

  6. PreciseFill and UltraFlow 100: With the PreciseFill no more measuring is required. Just input the exact amount you need in ounces, pints, cups or liters and it will do all of the measuring for you.

    As for the UltraFlow 100, no more waiting to fill up a pitcher of water. This feature means fast filling at 100 ounces per minute. Best of all the water will be cold and filtered…no more carrying water home from the store.

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A Sampling of Profile Refrigerators

Here’s a quick little sampling of 3 Profile refrigerators to take a look at. See if one of these works for you. If not, then click on one of the links above to take you directly to the style you are looking for.

GE Refrigerators

Refrigerator Reviews

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