My GE Profile Refrigerator is a LEMON - French Door Refrigerator (model PFS22SISBSS)

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My GE Profile refrigerator is a complete lemon! With all my problems, I can't imagine I am the only person to have had this kind of experience with their refrigerator.

Our problems started with the motherboard going out; then the doors needed to be fixed, a problem with the freezer, and now the compressor switch needs to be replaced.

As for the doors, we have had to replace them four times. Once because of the latch and the other times because of sticking, broken seals, and leaking. GE advised putting Vaseline on the seals to keep the doors from sticking. WHAT A MESS?!?!

We bought the extended warranty to make them take care of it. Thank goodness we thought about it when we bought it!! For once, I actually listened to the salesperson about the problems people were having with the electronics of newer appliances which made me think it was a good idea.

I also purchased a GE stove and microwave and have had no trouble.

We should all band together and demand a recall on this lemon of a refrigerator.

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Aug 19, 2022
7 month old GE Profile refrigerator purchased at PC Richards is a lemon
by: Anonymous

We purchased this hunk of junk in February. Since 8/6, it hasn't made much ice.

The guy from the repair service (of course, we bought the repair warranty) told us we needed a new compressor.

That was on 8/9, and it's now 8/19, and we're still waiting to hear from the repair service guy -- he never got back to us.

They claim some part we need is on order. We haven't been able to buy groceries for almost two weeks, just trying to keep what we have.

My husband called GE today and explained the situation. The person said they'd call back, but they never did. I am livid and want to invoke the Lemon Law.

This refrigerator was nothing but trouble from day one, with doors that needed replacing because they didn't line up, and so on.

Jul 02, 2022
Boy do I regret buying a GE Fridg.
by: Dave G

Our GE GNE29GSKLSS refrigerator is two years old. We bought it from Home Depot).

We bought the warranty, thank goodness. It started giving us trouble a few weeks ago. (Vegetables randomly freezing. The repair guy came a week ago. I said it was the sensor (middle top). (I was skeptical). He said he had to order a new one.

He came yesterday. A new repair guy shows up today. It installs it, but it did not seem like the right part to me (wrong connector). I waited a couple of hours. Now the fridge shows 24 degrees; the actual is 48. The freezer is worse. Get this... to install the sensor, he had cut off the connector and installed it with WIRE NUTS! HUH?

Jan 20, 2021
3 month old GFD28GYNCFS needs repair

I walked into the kitchen to see water on the floor. The ice was melting. Then look in the freezer to see liquid ice cream. This ly ridiculous forbrand-newnew refrigerant that has or not even broke in.

Apr 16, 2015
by: Anonymous

Purchase included with new house in 2013. Refrigerator kept freezing produce soft drinks. Did not purchase extended warranty. Also noisy. Repairman coming today and will charge 90.00 for basic services. Last time we'll buy GE!!!!!

Dec 13, 2012
My GE Profile, same model, also a lemon
by: Kathy

I have had the exact problems with mine. I was fortunate to have a really good local dealer to take care of all my problems. I have had the refrig for 7 years now and no warranty left. I was told it is not worth it to fix as it would be expensive. My husband and I need to buy a new refrig. GE is dealing with us to give a substantial discount on a new one, about 1000.00. Although I am hesitant to get another GE product, I am taking the chance because they are giving me a decent deal.
I hope others respond because GE deserves to have some accountability for selling a major appliance that is so awful.

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