GE Profile Refrigerator/Freezer

by Joan
(Rhode Island)

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I inherited my GE Profile Refrigerator/Freezer when we bought our current home a little over two years.

It is stainless steel with the freezer on the bottom.

I don't love it, and I don't hate it.

It's taken me a while to get used to it, but I must say it is growing on me. I've never had a freezer on the bottom before.

At first, I didn't like having to pull open the freezer to get the ice from the drawer or open the fridge to access the filtered, cold water inside. I prefer ice and water outside.

However, I've come to appreciate that my young children can no longer help themselves to the water and ice dispensers and make a mess that way because the doors are too heavy to open. :)

I have had side-by-side refrigerators before, which I like, but now I also like this setup.

Having all the refrigerator items at eye level and less food ends up forgotten and rotten in the bottom drawers near the floor is convenient. Now I can see the produce through the large, clear drawers right in front of me. I like this, and less food is wasted.

I like having plenty of space in the door for milk and juice. I could fit four gallons in the door alone, which is great.

I also now like having the freezer on the bottom. I use the pullout wire drawers to divide the food by category (fruits/vegetables, meats, etc.). There is space for ice cream on the top part. It is also very convenient for storing frozen pizza because some side-by-side freezers are too narrow to fit the pizza boxes in.

Another great feature is the temperature display, which shows the temperature in the fridge and freezer at all times, and the fact that it is pretty quiet (no loud humming).

Drawbacks are:

  1. The ice maker can get a little overzealous and overflow the tray so that ice spills on the floor when you open the freezer drawer.
  2. Also, it's a bit difficult to clean the bottom of the freezer.

However, all in all, I would recommend it. It has been very reliable (it is six years old now), has a significant amount of convenient, accessible storage, and the refrigerator is easy to clean.

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Jun 02, 2010
Great Bottom Freezer Review...
by: HeidiPro

Hey Joan,

I really loved your bottom freezer review. I have been discussing buying one for our house for years especially because I think we would end up not losing so much food if I could see what we had in the fridge.

Though I am like you and I really like having the ice and water in the door but it's not the end of the world if I can't have that.

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