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Here are the Top French Door Haier Refrigerators

The Haier French Door Refrigerators are truly gaining in popularity. The Haier brand has always been known for quality in Europe and is starting to make its mark here in the United States. Although many of their models are only available overseas, it's still a brand worth considering.

In general, a french door refrigerator is quite convenient. Unlike Side by Side Refrigerators, you have double the amount of width in the refrigerator and wide pull out drawers in the freezer section. Also, you can have all of the features of a side by side such as a water and ice dispenser without sacrificing the amount of room you typically have to.

You might find that the Haier French Door Refrigerators are often a bit more expensive than other models, but many people find that it's worth the extra costs simply because you get a lot more features/styling for your money.

The Haier French Door Refrigerators are one of the more stylish models and a favorite of those going for a more contemporary design. Haier has been known in Europe for decades as a reliable line and the Haier french door refrigerators portion is known as reliable as well.

They may not be the cheapest in this particular category (that would be LG), Haier Refrigerators still provide great value. But it's not just great styling that you'll find attractive about the Haier -- but more the features that the Haier models have to offer.

Haier French Door Features to Consider

When shopping for a French Door Refrigerator some of the features you'll want to include might be:

  1. Style: Overall the French Door style of Refrigerators are a bit more stylish and inventive than your typical Side by Side and Top Freezer Refrigerator Models. With Haier in particular, you'll find that they really cast their own mold by using bold lines and colors that make it a stand out amongst other similarly priced models.

  2. Available Space: Most French Door Refrigerators are wider than your typical top freezer mount and Side by Side models. As nice as the extra space might be, you have to be a little forward thinking here and be sure that the space you're planning to set your new fridge in will properly accomodate a french door refrigerator.

  3. Freezer Access: Most French Door Refrigerators have a pull out drawer freezer. Be sure you have the space in your kitchen to accomodate for this. Although those that have a freezer door instead of a drawer can usually be situated to either open to the right OR to the left. Be sure to ask the salesperson to put the hinge on the opposite side you need.

Two Haier French Door Refrigerator Models We Recommend

There are only a handful of French Door Refrigerators in the Haier Appliance line. That said, we've done our reviews of the ones we liked and have provided them below.

1. The Haier PBFS21EDBS Four Door French Door Bottom-Freezer

Haier PBFS21EDBS French Door Refrigerator

This particular model was one of the strongest standouts among the consumers we surveyed.

Here's a few of the things that we really liked about this model:

  • This refrigerator has High-Gloss, Contoured Doors with Sculptured Top and Bottom Bevels. The bevels add a dramatic touch and really add a nice personal style to any kitchen.

  • The two freezer drawers add a great deal of access and organizational abilities.

  • There are slide out shelves for easy food access and cleaning. This is a must have for any one who truly enjoys the art of cooking (as well as the art of cleaning).

  • Express Chill and Express Freeze. We really liked this as an idea because of the number of number of times we've heard from our consumers about how long it takes to cool down a full fridge of new groceries.

  • There's also an automatic problem detection and warning system, and most importantly a door cooling warning system. All too often food will spoil quickly if the temperature in the door isn't being read accurately but with this system you won't have to worry about that.

French Door Refrigerator Reviews

2. The Haier H21BFC45NS French Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator:

Haier H21BFC45NS French Door Refrigerator

You will find this model to be a real stainless steel beauty that offers up a sense of style and that creates a true visual pop to any kitchen.

More often than not it is usually found in the Mediterranean, however you might find a dealer or two here the U.S. that either carry it or are willing to order it for you.

  • It features Stainless Steel Contoured Doors and Sculptured Handles with Top and Bottom Bevels which offer up a dramatic look and touch of personal style to any kitchen.
  • A top notch filtration system that allows for the freshest ice you can get for up to six months! (In case you weren't aware, 6 months is the life span of an average refrigerator water filter.)

For the price, we really feel you can't go wrong with this particular model.

French Door Refrigerator Reviews

Haier Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators Reviews

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