Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator Reviews

The Best French Door Refrigerators are Whirlpool Refrigerators

The Whirlpool Gold French door refrigerator is one of the better bargains when it comes to French Door Refrigerators.

The Whirlpool Gold line is the premiere line within the Whirlpool brand, and you simply can't beat the value.

There are a number of different models of Whirlpool Gold French door fridges at well under $3,000.00. For such an elite brand to get that kind of value for the money is unheard of with other well known brands.

These French Door Refrigerators range in interior capacity from 20-27 cubic feet. Although not the largest refrigerators on the market, this range is more than enough for a typical 4 person family.

With an MSRP range of $1600-$2900, but considering that you can usually find them online at 10-25% less than the listed MSRP, these models are some of the more affordable french door refrigerators on the market.

  • FYI: There is only one counter depth French door refrigerator model in the Whirlpool Gold line. To read the review on it, then click here click here.

Whirlpool Gold French Door Reviews

We have a great deal more information to tell you on this topic if you keep reading down this page. Though click on the link below to start reading these Whirlpool refrigerators reviews.

Whirlpool Gold French Door Fridge Reviews

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Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator Features

In doing all of our refrigerator reviews, here's a few of the features that make Whirlpool Gold French door fridges stand out from the rest:

  1. Full Width Sliding Bin: French door refrigerators are great for very large items such as party platters just by their make up. Though the Whirlpool Gold French door refrigerators took it one step further and created a full with sliding drawer that has the ability to adjust the temperature. Now you can place those party trays in their own compartment, keeping them perfectly fresh for when you want to serve them.

  2. Easy and Accurate Ice & Water Dispensing: All of the water that comes through (either for water or ice) is filtered with a PUR water filter making your ice and water taste great. Then for dispensing of course you can do crushed or cubed ice but when it comes to water you can rotate the faucet to easily fill large things such as pitchers (which it does quickly due to the FastFill II feature) or you can tell the refrigerator exactly how much water you want it to dispense (by cups, liters or even ounces!).

  3. Great Organized Storage Space: Whirlpool took into consideration that storage space is key and in doing so they increase the depth of the door bins to allow for a great deal of gallon storage as well as anything else you might need. They also created temperature controlled pantries for items that are temperature sensitive as well as crispers for produce to stay fresher longer.

  4. Safety in Food Freshness: Sure we mentioned all of the great attributes that Whirlpool refrigerator added to the Whirlpool Gold French door refrigerator line to keep things fresher for more time, but what happens when your power goes out? How do you know if it’s safe to eat your food? Well with the power outage alert system these refrigerators you’ll not only know exact details such as the date and time the outage began.

  5. Energy Star Rated: We are happy to tell you that all 7 of the Whirlpool Gold French door refrigerators are Energy Star rated.

Click here to see the Best Whirlpool Gold French Door Fridge Reviews

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