Electrolux French Door Refrigerator Review - The Worst Appliance I Have Ever Owned

(Montana, USA)

This Electrolux French Door Fridge is the WORST appliance we have ever owned.

We were thrilled when it was delivered but quickly became disappointed as it would not cool down to keep food cold. We have to put ICE in our MILK!

Oh yes, did I mention we have had the icemaker replaced several times. Went out again last week after just 5 DAYS! The digital thermometer is set on 33 degress, the lowest allowed for the fridge but it never actually cools below 40 degrees which is not safe for most foods with some shelves being at 45+!

I have thrown out hundreds of dollars worth of food. I cannot keep milk to the expiration date...bought whipping cream for holidays & it spoiled in 4 days (10 days before the carton expiration date!)

Electrolux had replaced my fridge after 11 months of frustration and food loss (& getting sick from food not properly cooled) but this one is only slightly better.

Our first one would cool to 42 degrees at best only if the door was not opened for about 48 hours! If you placed room temp food inside, it took about 2 days to cool down!

Salad dressings are scary...I have thrown out every bottle and jar after just a couple weeks. My green olives have mold on them after about a 3 weeks!

I have called Electrolux again & they stated that the icemaker needed to have an update...update to what? This one has been replaced 3 times already!

It was their excuse the last few times! Now they have stated that the fridge cannot be replaced since we are now over a year! Guess they will have to fight with the Montana consumer affairs board as we cannot afford a hospital bill for food poisoning plus a new fridge!

Oh, did I also mention that the repair man has been wonderful but was told by Electrolux that the balance of the refrigerator was causing the cooling issues? What? That makes no sense at all!!


My daughter bought the same French Door...hers is even worse! I spoke to another repair company asking them how many they had worked on in our area...his answer?: "ALL OF THEM!" That about sums it up!

RUN don't walk away from ELECTROLUX!

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