Electrolux Freezerless Refrigerator

by Mark D.
(Pasadena, CA, USA)

Just recently purchased a set of the Electrolux freezerless refrigerator and the freezer. Both are built in units and are HUGE. Which for us is perfect.

At first, we were looking into getting a higher end product like the SubZero or Liebher line, but frankly, I'm glad we didn't blow the extra money as the Electrolux models we have are surprisingly high quality.

At first, we didn't think the styling would add all that much, but once we got the units installed, I have to say it really makes our kitchen pop.

There were a number of features inside the fridge and freezer that were also nice surprises: They have something called the Luxury Glide system which makes all the slide out shelving drawers and the like feel like we paid a heck of a lot more.

All in all, I have to say we're very happy with our Electrolux purchase. I was actually just coming on to this site to do some Monday morning quarterback research, so I'm glad I got what I got!

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