Electrolux Ice & Water Maker Completely Rusted

by Dan Yang
(CA, Orange County)

rusted ice maker

rusted ice maker

I agree with Eric Green completely!! The outside may look great but really it's not important. Just like in life it's the inside that truly counts!!

I'll be honest, I loved the way this fridge looked when I bought it but I won't allow myself to be superficial my next refrigerator purchase -- I will fully research how well it works and more importantly -- how it doesn't!!

If you're at all curious as to what changed my mind then just take a look my Electrolux's ice maker rusted parts! Seriously they are rusted!! Let's see...is it really that difficult to realize that if you add water to metal it will rust?!?!

When I go to use my ice maker yellow rust water comes out with ice! Now doesn't that sound appetizing?!?!

I thought it was a fluke but then I called them. Much to my own surprise not only did they not care about it, they told me there was nothing they could do. Really?!?!

I am seriously disappointed by both the appliance and the Electrolux company very much!!

I loaded picture here onto this post that you guys can see it what the parts look like. This truly isn't a company I will ever deal with again.

Don't buy from Electrolux.

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