If you are thinking about buying an Electrolux French door, Model EI27BS26J-2012 read this first!

by Rose
(Upstate NY)

Our Electrolux French door fridge is about 10 weeks old.

Overall I do like it except for a few things. Things that you can't check at the store.

1. My biggest complaint is the size of the ice cubes-they are less than half the size of normal ice cubes. Because they are so small they melt fast. We drink a lot of water & when you put the ice cubes in it they melt fast & you end up drinking lukewarm water unless you drink it all down immediately.

2. The finish on the bottom of the water dispenser where you put your glass wore off after 1 months use.

3. The butter compartment is not big enough to put butter/margarine containers in & close the cover on the compartment. I had to take it off.

4. The ice cube maker is VERY loud when it drops the ice cubes into the dispenser. Our kitchen is right off of our great room. It is very annoying. I thought we would get used to it but after 10 weeks we still aren't used to it.

I know these aren't earth shattering complaints but when you spend this much money for something it would have been nice to know that the ice cubes are so small etc. We would have chosen a different fridge.

I'm hoping that someone else who is considering this brand will read this & save themselves from buying the wrong one. You don't buy a fridge every year.

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