New Kitchen Turns Into A Disaster

by Annette

I had spent a lot of money renovating my entire kitchen in 2010.

I bought all new Electrolux appliances as after looking into reviews and shopping around, I was assured these were high end products. After only 2 months, I have had problem after problem with the dishwasher and refrigerator.

Thank goodness I purchased the extended warranty!! Although I did this, I do not think the extended warranty was needed as these issues started immediately during the manufactures first year warranty.

The dishwasher did not clean the dishes and continually stopped mid-cycle. I had call after call to have it repaired.

The icemaker on the fridge has been replaced twice and the water does not work. I have been told that the icemaker was a bad design and Electrolux knows it.

The rubber around the door is ripping off and the inside roof of the fridge has cracked and warped. I was told this was due to the heat of the light bulbs! The fix was to have aluminum tape glued to the ceiling of the fridge! Very nice to look at when you open the door and look in!

We complained to customer service Electrolux Canada and were blown right off and referred back to the company looking after the extended warranty.

We complained again to Electrolux International, got a response immediately(within 24 hours) and they referred our complaint to Electrolux Canada who we (after three weeks)have not yet heard from.

Thankfully to my purchased extended warranty, my dishwasher was replaced and I have been given the green light to now replace my fridge. Unfortunately I could not afford the extended warranty for the microwave and did not feel I needed it anyway since I still have my working microwave from 1985. Silly me!

The control panel in the front is loose, and I am sure it will malfunction in a short period of time.

For the stress and financial investment into my new kitchen, I have never felt such a disappointment. The kitchen looks beautiful, if only I could enjoy the luxury of using it with reliable appliances.

I am at my wits end because to top it off, once I replace the appliances that were known to have problems, my 5 year warranties no longer cover the replacement appliances.

I have been told to buy new warranties! I will never look at Electrolux again, as their product is terrible and the customer service is worse.

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Aug 21, 2012
Class Action suit against Electrolux
by: John

There is a class action suit pending against Electrolux because of the defective ice makers in many of their refrigerators. Google search "electrolux refrigerators and you will find some many complaints that you head will spin. Contact the lawyer located in Ocean, New Jersey about signing on with the suit. After 12 repairs to my refrigerator I had enough. Unfornuately I remodeled my kitchen and put all new Electrolux appliances in that was a mistake!

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