Electrolux is not the brand it use to be...it is now JUNK

by Daniel A.
(Milpitas, Ca)

Electrolux used to be a great brand. And like so many companies they use that reputation to sell new products.

I bought a stainless steel french door refrigerator in August of 2012. I soon heard a very loud popping sound several times a day. It is a random noise that sounds like fire crackers.

I checked the manual and to my surprise they say it's normal. I've had 6 refrigerators in my life and none have ever POPPED.


Had I known before I bought it that it made that noise I would have chosen another brand.

How many people read the user manual cover to cover in the store?!?!

After two service calls I still have the problem. There is no warranty claim because they state that it is noisy in the manual. (That's what I was told by the Electrolux support supervisor.)

Further research on the web shows that there is a cause and a fix for this. Improperly routed lines that do not correctly transfer heat from. Electrolux denies there being a problem.

One service guy tried to tell me it was because of A134 refrigerant. Well I have 5 other appliances that use A134 and none of them pop.

DO NOT BUY ELECTROLUX...IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. It is just a low quality Frigidaire in disguise!

Here is a published simple fix that Electrolux won't do!

"Basically all that they did was bend the liquid line over to the suction line, wrap insulation around the two lines together, and put a couple of zip ties to hold it together. This causes the heat from one line to transfer into the other and force the freon to flash there (quietly) instead of later where it made the popping noise. I am told by some older HVAC guys that this is something that was done in the "old days" for years."

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