Electrolux French Doors Model #EI26SS55650

by Elia Speakman
(Monahans, TX)

What a disappointment with this Electrolux French Doors Model #EI26SS55650 refrigerator!

Our old Kenmore french door refrigerator refrigerator was still working but my husband wanted to have a stainless steel finish so I gave in.

We looked at several brands like LG, Samsung and Liebherr but end up buying this model because they didn't have a Samsung or LG in stock. (That should've told us that this wasn't the right refrigerator for us!!

We had it less than six months and the ice maker was stopped making ice and the alarm would go off for no reason. It was driving us completely insane that a new refrigerator would be causing so much trouble!!

Finally I got fed up and called the Electrolux 800 number to find out who was able to repair this brand. It was then that we found out that this brand of refrigerator is made by Frigidaire! Had I had known that I wouldn't have bought it in the first place because when we built our home we bought all Frigidaire brand appliances and we had nothing but problems with all of them!! (Seriously the stove, the dishwasher and the washing machine was nothing but trouble!!)

We are now having to buy another refrigerator because it will cost us over $800 to have it repaired! Why would we spend more money on this Electrolux (or Frigidaire) brand when we don't know what other problems we will have next and if it is anything like our last appliances there will be many more issues to come!

**By the way my son has still has my old refrigerator and its still working properly!!

He did have to replace a part for less then $50 but compare to hundreds it would cost us to repair this 4 year old Electrolux/Frigidaire model that's nothing and believe it or not the old one is still making ice!!

I wouldn't ever recommend the Electrolux or Frigidaire brand to anyone.

I have done some research on this model and the majority of the reviews are all bad so all I can say is buyer beware and stay the heck away from Electrolux!!

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