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Here's Everything You'll Want to Know About These LG Fridges

A LG French door refrigerator is a nice addition to any kitchen and are one of the more popular parts of the LG line. French door fridges currently are in big demand across most brands.

While you will find the cost of a French door refrigerator to be a bit more, the facts that they are twice as large as a side by side and more convenient than a top freezer make the variance out of your pocket worthwhile.

Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk a bit about LG French door fridges. One interesting thing about this style and brand of refrigerator is that they tend to be a bit less expensive than other French door refrigerator brands.

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The Differences Between a 3-Door and a 4-Door LG French Door Refrigerator

Something rather interesting about LG’s take on this style is that they make both a 3 door French door refrigerator and a 4 door French door refrigerator.

The difference really is a simple (and it's more than just having one more door):

  • The 3 door only comes with one freezer drawer in which all frozen items are kept.

  • The 4 door has two drawers for freezer space that allow for no only ease of organization, keep the everyday things in the upper drawer and you’ll only have to open that one and in the end save a great deal of money on your energy bill.

Special LG French Door Refrigerator Features

There are many special features you might find in a LG French door refrigerator, read the list below to see which ones you want/need as many of these are only on the higher end models:

  1. Extra Tall Water/Ice Dispenser: The extra height here will allow you fill even a pitcher comfortably

  2. Finishes: The 7 different finishes on most models are listed below.
    • Easy Steel (looks like stainless but easier to keep clean and less expensive)
    • Smooth Black
    • Smooth White
    • Stainless Steel
    • Platinum
    • White
    • Stainless Aluminum (though we've only found this on one 3-door LG French door)

  3. Auto Open and Close Freezer Drawers (on higher end models)

  4. Counter Depth: This adds a special built in refrigerator look.

  5. Water Filtration Systems: If you hate having to bring water bottles home then this should help and decrease the number of plastic bottles on our planet.

  6. Door Alarm: This tells you when a freezer or refrigerator door has been left open in case you aren’t aware. (Though it doesn’t call you on your cell to let you know, at least not yet ;)

  7. Child Lock: For those of us that have children, there’s really no explanation necessary here.

  8. Slide Out Shelves/Folding Shelves: This makes cleaning shelves so much easier

  9. LED Lights.: While this isn’t on every model, we really think it should be. The light that the LEDs give off is so crisp and best of all, they never heat up.

  10. Gallon Size Drawer Shelves: These are perfect because you can place all of your larger beverages on the door, where they are easy to access and use your shelves for other things.

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LG French Door Refrigerator Issues We've Heard About

The reason why customers love these LG fridges are:

  • Love the double freezer drawers
  • Looks great
  • Easy to put food away even large sizes
  • Love the LED lighting
  • Great filtered water
  • Beautiful styling

Here's the things that people really didn't like:

  1. Refrigerator freeze up issues

  2. Terrible customer service, absolutely no help and a bad experience

  3. Error codes appearing that weren't listed in the manual

  4. No access to diagrams, schematics and illustrated part break downs (from a repairman’s perspective).

  5. The lights in fridge remained on, melted the plastic and became a potential fire hazard

  6. Circuit board went out, fridge wouldn’t cool, and was an expensive repair

  7. Ice maker issues needing replacement

  8. New Compressor needed -- parts were covered but the

    service to install them wasn’t

  9. Electronic display causing problems

  10. Frost build up on the bottom freezer - had to replace the ice fan motor or from a sealed system leak

  11. Plastic shelves and bins crack easily

  12. No light by the water dispenser

  13. Hard to reach into the ice bin to get just one cube out

  14. Not enough adjustable shelves in the door

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