GE Profile French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review (model PFCS1NFXB SS)

(Colorado, USA)

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Here's my quite displeased GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Review:

We have a 2 yr old vacation condo in CO. It has all high-end GE stainless steel appliances.

We go there about four times a year, so we don't spend that much time there. We bought a GE Profile stainless steel refrigerator with French doors.

Today I just noticed that the sliding brackets for the lower freezer were not installed correctly at the factory.

When the heavy lower drawer slides out, the right bracket has a positive stop, but the left bracket stop does not function properly. It does not come to a firm stop & thus wobbles when fully extended.

This is a factory defect, but Sears said I was out of warranty. GE had no sympathy either, as they advised me to spend hundreds of dollars to get parts & a technician to fix it.

I will also add that the right door must be pushed closed; it will not close by itself though the feet tip it back slightly.

Also, buying their water filters is super expensive.

So much for buying any more GE appliances.

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