My GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Died After 3 Years of Use!

by Salmagal
(San Dimas, CA, US)

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My 3 year old GE Profile french door refrigerator DIED on
Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2009.

During the one-year covered warranty, I had to replace two shelves and the meat tray. A year later, they were broken again but not covered.

At 18 months, the hooks at the top of the doors broke. I knew replacing them would be very expensive, but it made no sense to do so if they were only going to break again. So we were cautious always to make sure the doors were closed.

Then, last summer, the ice maker stopped working. The freezer's temperature would inch into the teens on sweltering, humid days.

One morning the freezer temperature reading was 30 in the freezer and 40 in the refrigerator. Something was seriously wrong!

I scheduled a service call online.

Before the technician came, the refrigerator and freezer read 66 and 72 degrees. The serviceman gave us bad news. It was going cost $600 to install a new computer and door gaskets, not including the cost of a new ice maker or the sealed refrigeration system. He told me it would take at least a month to fix.

I am sure that GE prefers that their servicemen give this information to avoid this headache. (I am not blaming the serviceman but GE.) My husband refused to fix such a lemon, and I had to agree with him even as I mourned my fridge.

There are those, usually those selling you the product, that will say: you see? You should have bought the extended warranty! Perhaps that's true, but frankly, I think it's criminal to buy such an expensive appliance only to be told that it's such a piece of crap that you'd better buy insurance.

I am pretty angry at the fact that my GE Profile refrigerator cost me $1700+ before tax for a major appliance that SHOULD have lasted ten years, not three!

I will never buy or recommend a GE appliance to anyone.

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Comments for My GE Profile French Door Refrigerator Died After 3 Years of Use!

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Nov 14, 2017
by: Yvonne

I just don't know what to say about these bad refrigerators . I just had a bad experience with my Samsung have a refrigerator that I paid a lot of money for after three months so I just don't know what to say about these bad refrigerators that are overpriced that refrigerator cost me almost $4000 . My Family hub refrigerators had are kind of manufacturing defects . All I can say is buyers beware .........

Aug 24, 2010
Similar problem
by: Dan

I've just been told that my 2 year old GE fridge has a blown computer. It's going to cost $400 to fix!

No way I'll buy GE again!

Jul 13, 2010
GE Refrigerators DO NOT WORK
by: Scott

Same issues and problems, GE refrigerators simply cannot be trusted or relied upon.

Simply put:

  • They do not work well
  • And are not supported by their service departments
  • They do not care about a warranty

Dec 09, 2009
Help Me Find a Good Refrigerator Brand
by: sakura hasegawa

I'm looking for a good refrigerator brand of refrigerator. One that is known to last for years without breaking. My fridge broke last week and I had to get it fixed.

I've had mine for a little more than a year before the freezer didn't freeze any of the food I put in there.

I still need to get a new fridge though. I'm looking all over the web for a brand that has good reviews from its users. Thanks for posting this. I found your entry very helpful in my quest to find a good brand. :)

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