GE Profile French Door Refrigerator (PGSS5PJX)

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I have owned my stainless steel GE Profile french door refrigerator (PGSS5PJX) for two years.

Other than one minor hiccup, I am generally pleased with it due to its features:
  1. It has an external water dispenser, and the neat thing about it is that you can set how many ounces you would like dispensed. This comes in handy when you are cooking because you don't need a measuring cup, or if you want to make sure you drink your recommended eight 8 ounces of water daily!

  2. If you are very organized, like me, you will also enjoy the sliding shelf feature. Not only can you adjust the height of your shelves for specific items, but there is also the option to collapse it. You can adjust it so it collapses to half its length, allowing you to store taller items on the lower shelf without compromising the entire shelf space.

  3. Another great organizational feature that this refrigerator has is not one, but TWO freezer doors. This allows you to arrange your items well, eliminating the need to rummage through your freezer for specific things.

I would recommend this model for neat freaks because it makes all your food easily accessible, and you don't have to worry about putting food in the back of your fridge and forgetting about it until it starts to smell!

There is, however, one problem with my refrigerator with the ice machine. It began to leak for some reason, which caused the water to drip into the freezer.

When the water would freeze, it would get into the fans and other parts of the freezer, which made it turn off and overheat.

It also created large amounts of "snow" in my entire freezer. It happened when my refrigerator was under warranty, but unfortunately, even after someone fixed it, the problem reappeared later. My warranty was already up then, so I had to turn the ice machine off and learn to live without it for now.

I would do some research before purchasing to make sure this isn't a common problem with the refrigerator's mechanisms.

Neat and organized is the best feature of this product, and if that's what you are looking for in a refrigerator, then I would definitely recommend it!

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May 28, 2010
Great Refrigerator Review!!
by: HeidiPro

Thanks so much for such a great refrigerator review.

I loved the fact that it really helped you to be more neat and organized. I also think the movable shelves sound like it's a breeze to clean.

Thanks again.

The Refrigerator Pro Team

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