GE Refrigerator 3 Door Model PFS22SIBSS

by Al
(Plymouth, Ma)

This GE Refrigerator looks good but it works terribly!

This GE Refrigerator looks good but it works terribly!


I've had the same problems off and on for 6 solid years and they can never seem to fix it long enough to be able to forget that I have fridge!!

The problems are all over the entire appliance! Starting with the door! You would think that a refrigerator company would be able to make a door that would stay closed and keep things cold to save on energy, right? Nope. The main latch on it won't keep it closed so it's always over working, costing me a fortune and food spoils all of the time in it! It's unbelievable frustrating!!

The line to the water is forever getting clogged up and not making ice! How am i supposed to enjoy my fridge when it doesn't even do the basics that I bought it to do? I feel like the water and ice has never worked properly from the day I bought it!

Then there's the Mother Board. For those of you that don't know, a motherboard is the essential part of a refrigerator that tells all of the electronic parts what to do and when to do them. (I didn't know what one was before owning this refrigerator either because we aren't supposed to!!) Well I've had to have mine replaced twice!!

So if you're thinking that maybe it's just things behind the scenes (like the mother board) that would be incorrect. Often I go to get something out of the refrigerator and the drawers fall off their tracks! I mean seriously who designed this refrigerator, a 5 year old could've done

One of my favorite things to worry about it what will happen to my refrigerator on warm days - again something you should never have to even think about if your refrigerator is working properly!! Usually it won't keep neither the freezer nor Refrigerator cold during warm days! There's nothing like going to your refrigerator on a warm day for a cold drink and finding out that your ice cream is like soup!!

As I mentioned before it is a complete electricity Hog (even though it often isn't even doing it's job!) I thought I was getting an energy efficient refrigerator but that was most certainly NOT the case! I feel like my energy bill went up the day I bought this thing and has never gotten any lower!

And finally the main compressor is makes a racket. It makes so much noise it drives my whole family crazy.

Considering all of this we've had enough and we will probably just junk it.

When we bought our new house we decided to buy all new GE's Best appliances. If this is the "BEST" GE has to offer then I'm beyond scared. None of them have performed well for us!!

Besides having trouble with the refrigerator we've had:

1. The microwave repaired twice now remains unrepaired, instead we have to use the lousy exhaust fan
2.The Main Mother board in stove had to be replaced. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)
3. The Dishwasher Pump and solenoid had to be replaced!!!!

So if you want my honest opinion, here it is:


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