Mini Refrigerators

When Size Actually DOES Matter

Mini Refrigerators are perfect, if you're looking for something to chill just a few items at a time and there are now a wider variety available then ever before.

Mini refrigerators can refer to a number of different types of fridges. "Mini" doesn't just mean that these units are small, but more that they fall into the category of anything that isn't a 'standard size refrigerator'.

A Standard Size Refrigerator is pretty much exactly what you'd expect. It's the French Door, Top Mounted Freezer, Bottom Mounted Freezer or Side by Side units that are available in most kitchens.

Sometimes your space simply won't accommodate a standard size refrigerator. Check out some of these Mini Refrigerators to consider when the 'standard' simply won't do.

Types of Mini Refrigerators

There are a wide variety of Mini Refrigerators on the market today. Whether you need it for an office, dorm room, entertainment area, RV, small apartment or what have you, the type of mini refrigerator you choose will be dependent on your specific refrigeration needs. Here are the types:

  1. Compact Refrigerator

    A "Compact Refrigerator" can refer to a lot of different things, but by most standards, Compact Refrigerators are any refrigerator that is 'counter height' (meaning the top is no higher than a typical kitchen counter -- approximately 36") all the way down to "Cube Size" refrigerators which hold no more than a six pack of soda.

    Anything larger than 'Counter Height' is referred to as an Apartment Size.

    Compact Refrigerators are usually found in dorm rooms, offices and under home bars. They're intended for short term refrigeration needs and ideally suited for beverages rather than large food product.

    Most Compacts have a very small freezer section. Usually no more than a handful of items can fit inside. Additionally, many compact fridges don't have a separate control for the freezer.

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  2. Apartment Size Refrigerators

    An Apartment Size Refrigerator refers more to those refrigerators that are just a bit smaller than a typical standard size fridge. These Apartment Sized Small Refrigerators have a separate freezer and refrigerator section and are meant for daily use.

    But, because of their smaller size, they can fit in compact kitchens like many of those found in New York apartments.

    Apartment Size Refrigerators often run on less power and because of the flexibility with space, they're also a common choice for those who place a refrigerator on an RV or Boat.

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    Dorm Refrigerator

    A Dorm Refrigerator is just another way of referring to a compact refrigerator. Dorm Fridges are smaller in size - the Sanyo Cube for example is a perfect example of a Dorm Fridge.

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  3. Beverage Cooler

    A Beverage Cooler is another type of Mini Refrigerator. However, it is NOT a Wine Refrigerator. A Wine Refrigerator is a specialized fridge built solely for the purpose of storing wines of various types. Wine Refrigerators (at least those that are of higher quality) have separate temperature zones, specific climate control and often even a protective UV layer on the front door to keep light from damaging the wines.

    A beverage cooler on the other hand can range from a Kegerator (made for beer kegs with a built in tap) to a smaller "Cube" type fridge that can even be plugged in to the car and holds just a few beverage items.

  4. Small Refrigerators

    Just like mini fridges, Small Refrigerators can mean any number of things. But small refrigerators usually infer anything that is NOT a standard size fridge. Whereas mini-fridges are usually referencing those models outlined above, a Small Refrigerator can include some Top Freezer Mounted models that could fall under the 'standard-size' category, but are small enough that they fit in unusual places.

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Top Manufacturers

There are only a handful of refrigerator manufacturers that make mini refrigerators. The four top manufacturers that we liked were:

    Avanti: Avanti has both a vast selection of minis and they create high quality products across the board.

  • Click here for Avanti Refrigerator Reviews

  • Danby: Danby really understands their product and their marketplace. Most refrigerator manufacturers who make a mini simply redo some of the features found in full size models and cram it into a compact size. Danby rethinks the concept of the mini fridge and brings a number of unique features to bear.

    Click here for Danby Refrigerator Reviews

    Sunpentown: The Sunpentown mini fridge models we tested really made this brand stand above the rest. It is not as commonly a brand that is found everywhere but definitely worth considering.

  • Other Mini Refrigerator Brands to Consider

    Here are a few more manufacturers that don't necessarily specialize in this market, but still make a quality product worth considering.

    GE: GE makes both their regular compact and smaller refrigerators as well as their GE Spacemaker Compact fridges.

    See our reviews and list of favorite models.

    Haier: The Haier small refrigerators are consistently touted as favorites amongst most consumers. Haier specializes in the smaller versions of full size refrigerators all of the way down to small compact cube refrigerators.

    Click here for Haier Refrigerator Reviews

    Kenmore: See our reviews and list of favorites models.

    Marvel: Just because you are looking for a compact refrigerator doesn't mean you'll have to settle. These are some luxury undercounter refrigerators that you definitely won't have to settle for.

    Click here for Marvel Refrigerator Reviews

    Sanyo: The beauty of these smaller refrigerators is that they have every price point from wire racks to glass shelves and stainless steel finishes -- you will find a Sanyo refrigerator that meets your needs.

    Click here for Sanyo Reviews

    Viking: Yes, Viking! See our reviews and list of favorites models.

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